Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


13. Bars

~Dee's P.O.V~
"Hello?" I answered "DEE!!" The voice rang through my ears and instantly I knew who it was "Yes Danya?" I asked "Well I just wanted to see what you and the girls were up to." She said " Well we are here in London which here its 5 to 5 P.M. and over in America it's what 10 in the morning?" I said " Well yeah but, you know me I'm a earl- WAIT! you guys are in London?!" Me: " Yupperzz" Danya: "wow that's awesome." Me: "I know anyways I got to go the boys wanna go to the bar bye!!" and with that I hung up. Niall had told me we were going to the bar by writing on a note pad and to be honest I've never went to the bar because, in America the drinking age was 21. We all piled up in a van:   which Louis was driving and luckily at a far speed. Once we got there we went in and got a booth.  I ordered some kind of drink with raspberries in it and that was it. Hours had passed drink after drink Sierra was drunk and so was Isabel, and Victoria. The only one that seemed sober was Liam. I decided to prevent me from a hangover was to eat and drink water but, my tummy didn't feel like eating. I heared the cha cha slide come on I bounced up and so did everyone and we made our way to the dance floor to dance our butts off. One song after another we didn't get tired. I looked at my phone and saw the time was 10 wow the nights still young. There was a lot of people hear and so I went to turn to my side to see Niall but, I saw something unforgettable.

~Liam's P.O.V.~
I need to tell Zayn what I did. I searched for him everywhere until I found him with Mirka dancing. I went up to him and pulled him to the side "Whats up Liam?" He kinda slurred "I did something  bad Zayn..." I trailed off "What did you do mate?" He asked "IaskedoutIsabelImsosossorry.' I said quickly as possible then the next thing I know I was on the floor with a stinging felling on my eye. "What the f*** Liam!?!?! I told you she was mine and mine only what part of that don't you understand?!!?!?" He said through his teeth. "Well if you would have talked to her and got to be her friend you would have gotten the chance to ask her out you dumba**! but, nooo you just had to keep your distance because, you wanted her to make the first move and if you got to know her you would know that she likes it when the GUY makes the first move!" I yelled holding my nose. "Whatever Liam I'm done." And with that he left into the crowd. I looked around for Isabel and there she was shocked and then she saw me and ran to me. "I'm so sorry I coused this." she said sobbing in my shirt "No no it wasn't your fault Isabel he will get over it don't worry." I said kissing her head. 

~Niall's P.O.V.~ 
"NIALL!! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" Some girls voice rang into my ears "what does it look like I'm doing I'm kissing my girlfriend you idiot!" I yelled back. The girl had tears swelling up in her eyes she looked familiar but, then yet my memory is kinda foggy 'cause, I'm drunk. "You jerk! I HATE YOU SO MUCH WE ARE OVER AND DONE NOW YOU CAN GO KISS WHOEVER THE HECK YOU WANT!!!!!!" She yelled at me and she through her ring that read "Love Forever"  and a necklace that read "My one and only princess I Love You- Niall" Then that's when it hit me the girl I am with is not Dee. I ran searching for her I even went out in the street and called her name but no one came. I went to find the lads. Oh boy.

~Dee's P.O.V~ 
A part of me said to go back and say your sorry but, another told me to run and so I did. I ran out of the bar into the streets. I heard an Irish voice call my name but, I did't care to answer I'm a bit buzzed but, sober enough to remember this. I kept running but I stopped in an alley next to Nan dos to take my inhaler I was to tired to run all the way home so I just sat there and then I remembered me and Niall's first date was here at Nandos which made me bust into tears. Soon enough I cried my self to sleep: 
Niall!! I yelled out but, nothing came out of the blue ocean.  I jumped in and found him laying on a rock blood floating over him. I pulled him to shore and his arm bone was sticking out and his foot was in the wrong direction. I popped back all the bones and all I could hear was groans coming from him I did CPR until I heard a faint voice say "Dee it's fine you don't have to try to revive me anymore I'm in a better place now I'll see you soon I love you forever and ever." I knew it was Niall and I busted back into tears I started screaming for him to come back but, then I heard my name being called.
I woke up by being shook Dee! someone yelled it sounded like Sierra "What?" I asked "O my gosh you scared us." Isabel said I soon got lifted from the ground by Zayn and I snuggled into his chest because, it was cold and soon fell asleep. 

~Niall's P.O.V~ 
I couldn't help but, feel jelousy when Dee snuggled next to Zayn's chest. Oh well Dee probably hates my guts now ugh I'm so mad at myself!

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