Check Yes, Niall

Love At First Sight is apparently real? Or fake? In this case, there is no fake in existence. Niall James Horan from the British/Irish boy band, One Direction, stole my heart, and I think I stole his too.. Call me a theif for love? ;)


2. Late Night Lake

  Months passed by and I was with Niall outside. No one else around. It was maybe around 9:30PM. We were by the lake sitting on the grass, just talking to each other. We shared so much in common! Our favourite colours were blue, we both are carefree, we both LOVE to eat food! That's only a little bit. Even though we are both claustraphobic, we aren't afraid of bear hugs from eachother. And on this night, ironically, we were both wearing our Free Hugs shirt! He was like my best friend. We're a pair. A match. A couple.

  "You like swimming, Tory?" Niall asked me.

  "Yep" I replied with a smile on my face.

  "Well there's a lake right infront of us. Mind joining me?"

  I smiled, looked at the ground, then looked back at him. We both stood up and walked into the water.

  "Oh, geez, it's cold!" I said with surprise. It was 80 degrees outside!

  "Is it?" He said pushing me slightly.

  "Yes! You feel it!" I said laughing and giving him a shove. He fell into the water, but what I didn't notice was that he was holding onto my hand. So, guess what? I fell in too!

  We laughed a while, and then it got quite. You could see fireflies passing by. But all I was focused on was Niall. He stared into my eyes along with me, smiling. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulled me in, and looked at my lips.

  I was starting to get the message he was trying to send out to me. I leaned in closer, until our lips met. Ohhhh how the feeling was magical.

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