Check Yes, Niall

Love At First Sight is apparently real? Or fake? In this case, there is no fake in existence. Niall James Horan from the British/Irish boy band, One Direction, stole my heart, and I think I stole his too.. Call me a theif for love? ;)


3. Dealing with Directionators

  After we had gotten into dry clothes from swimming in the lake, we were at Niall's apartment. We were watching TV until I dozed off, asleep. I woke up a few minutes later to notice Niall wasn't on the couch anymore. But I heard his voice coming from the kitchen. He was singing. :) And apparently making himself a bowl of icecream!

  I smiled while sneaking up behind him.

  "BOO!" I shouted. He spun around, surprised, and squirted whip cream on me. We both laughed.

  I grabbed the whip cream from his hand, shook it, and sprayed it on his nose. Then I put mini chocolate chips on, right before a bright, red cherry.

  "Beautiful!" I said with a smile.

  "No, you're beautiful," Niall replied, kissing the tip of my nose. "I love you!"

  "Thanks, babe," I said. "Now go finish your icecream before I eat it for you!" I smiled.

  Niall took out his phone, snapped a photo of us, and tweeted it on Twitter. After that, I walked back to the couch with a warm feeling in me. I loved Nialler with all my heart. <3


  A few days passed by, and I was checking my Twitter. I was getting hate from the Directionaters. Horrible things were being said about me. I know Niall said he wants a girl who can take a banter, but this is really hurting me inside. I was afraid. Afraid of also losing Niall.

  All the fans new how much I loved food. That's one of the most popular things the fans would compare Niall and I with. Tears were streaming down my face.

  I logged off of my Twitter, closed the laptop and ran to the bathroom. I closed and locked the door. I looked myself in the eyes towards the mirror.

  I mean I don't really like my thighs. Or my stomach. And my curves just make it a whole lot worse. I thought to myself. So many things ran through my mind. Not to mention, I'm bipolar, but there were seriously a lot of stuff on my mind. Everyone tells me I'm not "fat". They said I am "skinny". But am I really?


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