My Music *ON HOLD*

Well umm I saw this as a chance to share my music with all of you I hope you all like them. Just comment below if you like them or you have an idea about something to write about or if you have any pointers. So thanks.


1. Tears from September~<3

If I said anything tears would stream down my face.

If I called would you just let the phone ring.

I knew it would end this way,that's why I stayed my distance and never came clo-ose.

Because we almost lost it that September night.

The tears were falling and I was screaming out you're name.

I watched as you appeared from the distance but suddenly I fell to my knees and my heart fell to the ground.

As I watched you were with another, and its these tears from September that remind me not to share.

(whisper&whimper) If I even cared, it was shared enough to even share the care.




A/N By the way I have more to share but comment what you think and im thinking about adding more to the song so comment what you think or if you have any pointers or ideas about anything. so yea thnx my lovelys~<3

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