👎I'm Just A Loser✌ *One Direction Famous*

**FINISHED** Description-
I'm just a loser. A nerd. A nobody. I don't have any friends. Only cause im a loser. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Why do 5 boys want to adopt me to make me happy? Why does One Direction want me? Why is my ex here? Why did Louis kiss another girl? I knew I'm just a loser.


43. Chapter 40-

Chapter 40- 

*5 months later*

*Emilys POV*

Well I'm 8 months pregnant now. The boys have been by my side when I need help. I was having a girl. Her name was gonna be Darcy Anne Styles. Harry picked out the name and I ghoul her it was beautiful. A month ago me and Harry went to go check who's the real daddy of the baby and of course it's Lou. I wish it could be Harrys but were gonna raise her like Harrys the daddy. Dang the baby can kick cause she keeps kicking at my stomach. Then I think my water broke.
"Harry. I think I'm going into labor." I say shaking Harry awake. 
"Ok princess. Stay calm and we'll make it to the hospital." He says running his eyes.
After getting into the car we finally made it to the hospital. 
We got into a room and I went into labor. After a good 4 hours I finally gave birth. 
"She's beautiful." I coo as they hand me my baby.
I looked at her eyes. They were emerald green like Harry's and her hair was a curly brown like mine. 
"Harry her eyes are like your and she's not even your child." I laugh.
"Really?" He asks smiling.
"Yeah look her eyes are emerald green like yours." 
"She's beautiful." He says kissing her small forehead.
He takes Darcy and plays with her for a little.

*Harrys POV*

"Hi there little Darcy." I coo.
She just kept laughing. She looked exactly like me. Hmm.. Weird. 
Darcy just kept mumbling baby talks.
"I'm daddy." I smile to Darcy.
She wrapped her small hand around my finger.

*2 days later*

We finnaly got to leave the hospital. After we got home I helped Darcy and Emily in. Emily dozed off and I got to play with Darcy.
"Oh my god she's so adorable." Louis coos.
"Yeah. But she's not mine." I sigh.
"but she looks exactly like you." 
"You know I have a solution. Did you have a drunken night after me and Em did." 
"Do you think you picked up a girl?" 
"I may have." 
"That girl could have been Emily and this baby might be yours." 
"But the DNA." 
"The DNA actually came back as yours but we lied to you. Not the point but that's your kid." 
"This has been my kid the whole time?" 
"Yeah... I'm sorry I lied." 
"Your fine. It's just I can't believe she's actually mine and not yours." 
"She looks exactly like you too. Any sign there?" Lou laughs.
"I was wondering why she looked like me." 
"That's why. I didn't really want to tell you till after she was born either so just incase you got mad you wouldn't take it out on her and then the baby never see the world." 
"It's fine. I mean I'm just glad she's mine."
"Me too." 
"Wanna drive over to the store with me. I have to grab something's for the baby." I ask standing up.
"Yeah sure." 

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