👎I'm Just A Loser✌ *One Direction Famous*

**FINISHED** Description-
I'm just a loser. A nerd. A nobody. I don't have any friends. Only cause im a loser. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Why do 5 boys want to adopt me to make me happy? Why does One Direction want me? Why is my ex here? Why did Louis kiss another girl? I knew I'm just a loser.


41. Chapter 38-

Chapter 38- 

*Emilys POV*

I woke up on the cold hard floor. I got up and cracked my back. I look around and see me laying on a hospital bed. Harry was in tears next to me. That poor boy. I feel bad. 
"Harry." I call out. 
No reponce. I started to walk over to where he was. I tryed to touch his sholder but I went right through him. I'm ghost but alive. Oh this is gonna be fun. 
A couple days past and I still haven't been flooded back to memory. Harry hasn't left my side. I remember his words to the doctor when he was trying to get Harry to leave.
'This could be the last time I touch her. And if I leave she could die. If she dies. I wanna be here by her side. I'm making sure she's gonna be alright. Cause I love her.' 
I just remembered we had gotten married a couple dad ago. We kinda got married. 
Emily Styles. Styles Emily. I was saying my name. I would have never thought I would marry the boy I used to hate. But I didn't know the real him then. Now I do. 
"Emily... If you don't wake up... I just want you to know I love you." Harry says sobbing more.
"I love you too." I say. 
A tear falls from his eyes. My life starts to fade out and memories rush back. I open my eyes and say, "I love you." 

*Harrys POV*

Emilys eyes opened and she said i love you smiling to me. I felt broken still. She was super hurt and looked beat up. 
"I-I love too." I choke out behind tears.
"I wanna go home." She manages to say.
"I want you to, to princess." My voice says on the erdge of tears.
"Am I better yet?" She seems hopeless.
"I wish." 
Then the doctor walks in.
"We'll looks like you have a heart problem. That accident was fadil and were lucky it didn't loose you."
"What?" I say with a tear coming down my cheek.
"Mr. Styles can I talk to you alone." He asks.
I give Emily a kiss on the forehead. 
"Ms. White-" 
"Mrs. Styles." I correct him.
"Mrs. Styles well the car accident she got into was fadil. The driver of the car she was in was killed and everyone in the other car was killed. We're still lucky for her to be alive."
I give him a broken look.
"She has a rare heart failer. This kinda heart probelm can't be fixed in any way. I'm sorry." 
I let another tear fall.
"It's a matter of time before. You know." 
"Death." I ask broken more.
"Well yeah." He sighs not knowing what to say.
I may never see my wife again? No.
"But Emily she can home tonight. Just take really good care of her. She also my not wanna eat much but she needs to or she will grow week and that day will come sooner. You need to keep her by your side." He warns.
"Won't be a problem." I crack.
*that night*
"Babe please eat." I say handing her food.
"I don't want that I'm not hungry." She pouts
"But you need to eat or you will grow weak." 
"I'm not hungry I'm tired and want sleep." She says.
"You can sleep after you eat this." 
She shoves the food down her throught then heads to our room. 
"Dang she be feisty tonight." Louis says froms behind.
"Louis no funny ideas." I warn.
"Y'all are married I'm not gonna do anything." He laughs. "I'm also married lets not forget that."
"Yeah you got back with your friend girlfriend Eleanor I know. But you still get funny ideas." I warn yet again.
"Sure mate." 
I walk to me and Emilys room. 
"Babe." She slurs sounding drunk.
"Your on that medicine good tonight." 
"Maybe." She smirks.
"What do you want?"
"I want you to kiss me." She smiles.
"Fine." I laugh. 
I kiss her.
During the kiss her soft voice spits something out, "don't tell Harry. But I had sex with Louis." She laughs.
"What?" I half yell.
"Don't tell Harry." She slurs.
"I'm Harry." I say pointing to my self.
"Oh shit." She says.
"I can't beilive you. I can't fucking belive you." I yell.
"It's just".
"It's just what you had sex with Louis?"
"It's not like that." 
"Your a whore." I yell.
"I should have never said yes to you."
"I should have never said yes when you proposed. I knew you would fight with me more." She yells.
"We'll you shouldn't have had sex with Louis." 
"I'm only 19. You expect me to be perfect?" 
"No but that's not the point." 
"I was drunk that night too." She points out.
"doesn't give you the right." I yell. 
"I should have never." I yell.
"Have never what?" 
"Proposed and we wouldn't be in this shit."
"So you don't love me?" 
"Of course I do. Just don't for what you did." 
"I knew it." She says getting up.
"Have any other secrets." 
"Yeah wanna know something else?" 
"of course."
"I'm pregnant with Louis baby. I never wanted to tell you cause I was gonna get an abortion and we would be happy." 
She's pregnant with Louis baby? 
My heart shattered. 

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