👎I'm Just A Loser✌ *One Direction Famous*

**FINISHED** Description-
I'm just a loser. A nerd. A nobody. I don't have any friends. Only cause im a loser. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Why do 5 boys want to adopt me to make me happy? Why does One Direction want me? Why is my ex here? Why did Louis kiss another girl? I knew I'm just a loser.


33. Chapter 30-

Chapter 30-

*Emilys POV*

I waited 2 hours for the results and the doctor comes back.
"Harry is fine... Just in a ton of pain."
Thank god.
"When can I take him home?" I ask a little worried.
"Tonight. Just you need to help him with... Everything. He can't really do much him self. He can't do anything him self. You need to be by his side at all times." He says.
"Thank you doc won't be a probelm." I smile. 
I'm the luckiest person. I thought he may of came up dead or coma. I'm so thankful.
"Emily?" A voice says behind me.
"Oh shit." I say under my breath.
I turned around expecting to see Harry or something but no. It was my ex-boyfriend.
"Hi Jacob." I say with the best fake smile.
"So I heard your Harry styles girlfriend eh." He's acting so calm right now. A little to calm.
"Yeah..." I smile.
"Oh cool. Why you here?" He asks a little scared.
"Just some stuff." I say.
"Oh um... Cool." He says.
"Why are you here?" I ask.
"My moms is the hospital." 
"I'm so sorry Jacob." I say hugging him. 
Surprisingly he hugs back.
"Your mom was really nice to. I hope she is fine." 
"Me too." he sighs.
"Well ill talk to you later Jacob." I say. 
Before he could say anything I got a punch right in the stomach. 
"What was that for?" 
"You thought I was being nice. Hell no." He laughs giving me kick in the jaw. 
I stood up and kicked him back in the jaw which sent him to the ground in pain. His mouth was bleeding bad. I was about to hit his face agian when I was stopped.
"Excuse me miss come with me." An officer says.
Oh shit. No.
I got up and walked with him. I gave a death glare to Jacob.
"In the car."
"Ok." I sigh.
I can't be going to jail. I just can't. Why me? 
After the long ride we arrived at what you call downtown. 
"Your staying here until tomorrow when your court session is." 
"Ok." I sigh agian. 
"You can make your calls to get someone to come be your lowyer and any whitnesses that were there." He says pointing to the phone. "Or you can use your phone." 
I dialed in Liam's number to my phone.
"Emily where are you?" He half yells.
"We'll me. Grumpy is on the phone today." I joke when I wasn't suppose to.
"Seriously were worried."
"well um... I need you to come help me" 
"What did someone kidnap you. I just worried cause you were suppose to bring Harry home an hour ago." 
"No my ex-boyfriend showed up and we were talking and he punched me... In the hospital and I kicked him back harder in defense and now I'm in jail and I have court tomorrow and..." 
"Calm down Emily. Ill get help. We will leave Harry in the hospital till we get you out of that cell hole." 
"Thank you Liam your awesome"
"We will see you tomorrow oke?" 
"Oke." I replie.
"Bye." I press end.
The officer took my phone out of my hand. He took off with it and left me an orange suit. Why did I get put in jail for self defense?  I hate life. 
first I got put up for adoption then I meet the boys I hate but fall in deep love with and I love that part then Louis cheats on me. Niall kisses me. Harry gets hurt in the fire and now I'm in jail. Wow life sucks for this girl. 
"Ma'am someone would like to see you." 
I turn around and see the boy I love... But will hate me after this...

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