👎I'm Just A Loser✌ *One Direction Famous*

**FINISHED** Description-
I'm just a loser. A nerd. A nobody. I don't have any friends. Only cause im a loser. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Why do 5 boys want to adopt me to make me happy? Why does One Direction want me? Why is my ex here? Why did Louis kiss another girl? I knew I'm just a loser.


30. Chapter 28-

Chapter 28- 

*Emilys POV*

I woke up to being moved. 
"Shh babe it's ok go back to sleep." I hear a voice say.
"Yes." He smiles.
"What time is it?" 
"Like 1 in the morning." 
"Now go back to sleep." He coos.
I shut my eyes and fall back sleep in an instinct. 

*Harrys POV*

I started to walk back up the stairs when Emily woke up.
"Shh babe it's ok go back to sleep." I say close to her
"Yes." I smile.
"What time is it?" 
"Like 1 in the morning." 
"Now go back to sleep." i coo.
She goes back to sleep after that. I layed her on the bed and plant a kiss on her forehead.
I climb into bed and soon fell into a deep sleep. 

I wake up to see Emily at the end of the bed.
"Hey Em. Why you up so early and dressed dark." I ask.
"My grandpa died last week and I have to be at the funeral." She sighs.
"Do you want me to go with you?" 
"You can if you want to." She seems down this may not be the best day to mess around with her.
"Ok ill get ready." 
After getting ready we leave.
"Why is the funeral so early?" I ask while driving towards the place 
"My grandma said its best since she sleeps all day except early in the morning. She's the weirdest person ever."
"She's so old. I'm not sure how she's not dead either." She looks out the window.
"Do you not like them?" 
"I don't like my grandma she's the worst. But I love my grandpa he was so nice to me and... Sorry." She says with a tear slipping down her eye. 
"It's oke." I say running her thigh.
after we arrived at the place it was all dark and sad.
"Harry are you ok?" she asks.
"yeah. It's just reminds me of when my dad died but were here for you." I say.
"I'm sorry." She sighs. 
We go in and sit down. After the funeral it was time for the bury her grandpa. It was boring but it was her favorite relative so I was doing this for her.
She had tears here and there. I comforted her when it happened.
After everything was over she said, "thank you Harry for coming with me." 
"Anything for you babe." I say rubbing her back.
The long car ride was finally over.
"Where were you mate?" Louis says.
"I was at a funeral with Emily."  
"Where did she go?"
"Probely to cry her eyes out agian." I sigh. "He was her favorite member." 
"Oh... Wait why do you have tears on be edge of your eyes?" 
"What?" I whip my eyes.
"You've cried a log lately." He pats my back.
"It just reminds me of my dad when he died." 
"Oh..." He trials off. 

*Emilys POV*

I cleaned up my eye liner that was running down my face and got dressed in my black sofees and my black t-shirt I got from school. I pulled back my long brown hair into a ponytail. Something I can't believe is I hated one direction Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam just 2 years ago. And now I've already dated 2/5. It's crazy.
"You good?" Harry says interrupting my thoughts.
"Yeah." I say smiling back.
Haven't smiled in a while.
"You seem in a good mood now." He smiles.
"Yeah kinda." 
He wraps his hands around my waist.
"You seem in a good mood now too." I laugh.
"Yeah kinda." He mocks.
I laugh at his mockingness.  
He spins me around and kisses me deep. It was as perfect as the first time I kissed him.
"Is it good that sparks still fly when we kiss?" He asks.
"If it's ok that sparks still fly from my point of view." I smile.
He kisses me agian.
"Glad the sparks still fly." I smile.
"You know what I can't beilive?"
"Just 2 years ago you hated up and now your in love with a member from it." 
"Me either." 
My arms are wrapped around his neck. And his arms are wrapped around my waist. Everything was perfect. 
Then we hear a loud scream come from downstairs.

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