👎I'm Just A Loser✌ *One Direction Famous*

**FINISHED** Description-
I'm just a loser. A nerd. A nobody. I don't have any friends. Only cause im a loser. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Why do 5 boys want to adopt me to make me happy? Why does One Direction want me? Why is my ex here? Why did Louis kiss another girl? I knew I'm just a loser.


14. Chapter 13-

Chapter 13-

*Emilys POV* 

"HARRY LOVES YOU EMILY!!" Zayn shouts.
I felt my face turn a bright shade of  red. I've always had a thing for Harry but yeah.
Harry throws his hand over ZAYNS mouth. His face turns red. And I mean bright red. 
"Come on Em." Louis says going up stairs. 
"Oke." I sigh. 
I walk upstairs. And set down my phone on the nightstand.
"I'll sleep on the floor." Louis says.
"No sleep on the bed boo. I'm gonna sleep on the couch." 
He nods and I make my downstairs. 
I stop by Harrys room. To see him awake staring at the ceiling.
"Oh.. Hi." He says looking towards me.
"Hey Harry." I say.
"Come here." He says sitting up."what's wrong babe?
He just called me babe. AHH.
"I can't sleep." I say smiling.
"Sure." He smirks. "Come on. Don't be scared of me. He says patting down to the spot next to him.
I sit next to him and rest my head on his sholder. 
"Did you mean what Zayn said earlier?" I ask.
"Do you want the truth or the lie?" He asks blankly.
"I want the truth duh." I smile.
"Well ever since I saw you with Louis I was so jealous. You are beautiful. And I fell in love the minute I saw you. I just never showed anything." He replies.
"Aww Harry." I pinch his cheek.
"You wanted the truth and you got it." He rolls over on his side.
"Harry. Please turn back over. Harry please. HARRY I LOVE YOU." I half scream the last thing. 
"Wait what?" He asks with a smile and red face.
"I love you Harry." I say agian.
I feel a pair of lips crashing onto mine.
This kiss was the best ever. It got deeper and deeper. 
I feel his hand slip up my shirt.
And run circles on my back. He then pulls away. 
"I love you." He says.
"I love you too."
"To be hounest I don't like when you say to it's kinda like your agreeing with me. And not really meaning it." He pouts.
"I'm sorry Harry. Can we try agian." I beg. 
"I love you." 
"I love you." My face turns bright red.
HARRY FRECKING STYLES LOVES ME!! I scream in my head. 
I lay down on the bed. Harry's hand sneeks around my waist and pulls my closer. 
"Will you be mine?" He whispers in my ear.
"Only if you will be mine." I whisper back.
"Good night princess." He whispers in my ear. 
"Good night prince." I whisper back. 
I fell asleep laying in Harry's arms. 
Thank god we locked the door so no one could come in and see us together like this.
*next morning*
I stretch and look at the clock 2pm???
Holy crap I slept in that long. I guess I don't mind if I'm in a comfortable position. 
I decided to drift back off to sleep. 

*Liams POV*

"Where are Harry and Emily?" Zayn questions?
"Hell knows where Emily is but I know Harry is in his room cause he snores loud." I laugh.
"Yeah but Harry needs to be up soon for the interview." Niall adds. 
"We need to try to get in. But it's locked." Zayn adds. 

*Harrys POV*

I wake up and feel a warm body pressed up on mine. 
I remember last night when I confessed my love to her. When I kissed her for the first time. 
I checked the clock. Oh crap it's 3:00 I have an interview at 5:00 an have to be there at 4:00. 
I slowly unwrapped my arms out from around her. 
I grabbed a polo and jeans and went downstairs to grab a bite. I locked my door and shut the door so the boys wouldn't know I slept with her last night.
*at the interview*
Interviewer- So this is the last Question who all have girlfriends?
-Me, Louis, and Zayn all raise our hands-
Interviewer- Harry last time I checked you were single. Who is his special girl?
Me(Harry)- well it happened fast. But I really love her. Her name is Emily White.
Louis gives me a death glare. 
Zayn- really mate that's greats 
-he high fives my hand- 

*after interview*

I walked out to our bus and as soon as I stepped on my face was close to Louis.

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