Liam's secret daughter

Yeah,Liam has a daughter,but the catch is he doesn't know about her.My name is Casidy,my daughter's name is Ollyanna,but everyone calls her olly.To tell you my story,I have to start from the beginning


5. what are you doing here?

Cassidy's pov                                                                                                                                                    The next day,I woke up to a knocking on my door."I wonder who that could be?"I asked my self.When i looked through the peep hole,i gasped. Standing right there,was Liam. I decided to open the door to have Liam crash his lips into mine."You don't know how much i missed this." he said into the kiss.I pushed him away,catching my breathe."I thought you had a girlfriend?"i asked/said."We broke up.I missed you and i wanted to be in my daughter's life." "She is MY daughter,not YOURS,or OURS,MINE!!"I said,hehad no right to just waltz right in here,wanting to be part of Olly's life.I have done fine myself for three years,and i can do it alone,with out any help."Well,I didn't even know about her til' last night,you kept my daughter a secret from me for 3 years." he said."I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU,BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY GOOD BYE,AND I WANTED YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.I WASN'T THE ONE WHO DIDN'T SAY GOODBYE!!"I yelled."THE REASON I DIDN'T SAY GOOD BYE IS BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO FEEL THE PAIN THAT COMES WITH SAYING GOOD BYE.THE REASON I GOT A NEW GIRLFRIEND IS BECAUSE I KNEW YOU HATED ME!"He yelled,tears coming down his face and mine.I heard Olly whine,so i went to her pink and brown bedroom."Mommy,pwease don't fight with Wiam"she said in her cute baby voice that always made me smile."Okay baby girl,just go back to sleep and I will wake you when breakfast is ready,sound good?"I asked my chocolate chip loving three year old."Okay mommy." she said.I went back to the kitchen,and started making the pancakes."Please let me be her father,I need to know my daughter."Liam said."I don't know,I don't want the fans,and the paps,and the hate that comes with you being her father,"I said.He looked at his feet,"but we can give it a try?"I said hopefully.He answered with picking me up and spinning me around."I still love you."he said,"I still love you."I told him,and we kissed.This kiss was ful lof passion.I smiled into the kiss,and so did he.After the kiss,the pancakes were done.I went to get Ollyanna to have Liam stop me,"Let me get her,you have for 3 years,it's my turn now."He said with a smile.I went to get everyone a plate of pancakes to have knocking on my door."Again?"I said.I opened the door to.....                                                                                                                                    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Who was it?The contest is still going on,i will not be updating due to the long chapter that just read.I hope you all like my story                                                                                                                 -candel-                 

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