Liam's secret daughter

Yeah,Liam has a daughter,but the catch is he doesn't know about her.My name is Casidy,my daughter's name is Ollyanna,but everyone calls her olly.To tell you my story,I have to start from the beginning


2. Seeing him again

Olly and I were at Starbucks having a treat,since it was her birthday."Mommy?Can we go to a won dirwection concert?"I thought about it,"I can do better babygirl,I can get us backstage passes."at this,she squealed.


Me and Ollyanna were in the car on our way to the concert.How am I going to explain Olly to Liam if he remembers me?I thought,he probably won't remember me,but if he does,I'll have to tell him the truth

*skip concert*

Me and Olly were headed backstage.I had thought it was going to be more people,but it was only me and Olly. Small crowd,I thought."Cassie?"said a familiar voice. Crap! I thought."Hi Liam." "What are you doing here,and who is she?" Liam asked. "My daughter wanted to come,and her name is Ollyanna." "Call me Olly." My 3 year old said. "Cass,can we talk?" He asked,I nodded,"Harry,can you watch Olly while I talk to her mom?" He asked a guy with curly brown hair and emerald green eyes. "Sure mate." The guy who I am guessing is Harry said.

 "Be honest Cass,is Olly my daughter?"Liam asked."Yes,I was going to tell you the day I found out,but that was the day you left,you didn't say goodbye either."I said,being completely honest.

"I have to go,bye."I said,I got Olly and went home,let's hope he doesn't follow,or find out where I live,I thought.We got home,and Olly was asleep,so I carried her inside,and went to bed myself.

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