Liam's secret daughter

Yeah,Liam has a daughter,but the catch is he doesn't know about her.My name is Casidy,my daughter's name is Ollyanna,but everyone calls her olly.To tell you my story,I have to start from the beginning


8. new day

It's always nice to wake up to a crying Olly,note sarcasm. I went to get her,but i heard Liam's voice,"It's okay darling,calm down." he said in his sexy morning voice.I loved that he loved his daughter.He asked us to move in with him,which i gladly accepted.He is an amazing father.I love him and Olly with all my heart.I am happy with Liam.When he saw me,Olly had just calmed down."morning babe."I said and kissed him on the cheek.He smiled and we went to the kitchen.Somehow he managed to burn the eggs.After we through the burned ones away,we just decided to make pancakes.I went to go wake Olly,to see her getting dressed."Morning Mommy!"she said."Morning baby girl,what are you doing?"I asked."I'm getting dressed."I notice her dress was on backwards."Olly,do you realize your dress is on backwards?"I asked."No,i didn't,will you please help?"she asked sweetly."Of course baby girl."I said,after she got dressed,we went to get breakfast.


"Olly,how do you feel about going to Uncle Niall's?"Liam asked.We have wanted to go on a date night for a while now,but never had the time."Okay!"Ollyanna screamed.She went upstairs and brought down her shoes.Just then,Niall came in."Hey Olly pop!" he said.All of the guys called her Olly pop,and she hated it."My name is OLLY."she screamed,we all laughed,then they left.Time for an interesting night.



hey,sorry for not updating in a while,my internet has been screwed up lately,more chapters on the way.The pic is how i picture cassie btw.LOVE ALL YOU CRAZY MOFOS!!!!!!!



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