Liam's secret daughter

Yeah,Liam has a daughter,but the catch is he doesn't know about her.My name is Casidy,my daughter's name is Ollyanna,but everyone calls her olly.To tell you my story,I have to start from the beginning


7. meeting niall,and a call from Lexi!

Niall was at none other than nandos.He was just about to get a refill when he noticed us. "Hey Li,what's up?"he asked."Oh nothing,just got trampled by some fans,trying to spend time with my daughter."He said,but quickly put his hand over his mouth."Daughter?Did you just say daughter?"asked a clearly shocked Niall. Liam answered truthfully,"Yes,this is my daughter,Ollyanna." "Olly,daddy,call me Olly." said my sassy three year old. "Sorry sweety." Liam said. "Are you her mother?" Niall asked me. "Yes,as a matter-of-fact I am." I said sweetly.Just then my older sister Lexi called me."Sorry,i have to take this." I said. I left the restraunt(sorry for the crappy spelling:) ) When i answered,Lexi started screaming saying "I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T GOING TO PICK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"she screamed."I always have time for you Lexi!" I said to my crazy older sibling."I just want to say,i found out that you and Liam are back together!Olly will finally know her father!!"She said excitedly.This girl is always super excited,and HUNGRY!Should i set her up with Niall?"Hey,i gotta go,i love you Cassi,tell Olly her auntie lexi lovers her for me." I will lex,bye."I went back to where Liam and Niall were,to find them tickling Olly,you could hear her laugh from a mile away._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________CONGRATS TO LEXI ON WINNING THE CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry for not updating in a while,my brother has been a computer hog,and we had to go to the dentist today.Hope you like the chapter!!!!!~~~~~~~~~Candel

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