Fearing Summers End

When 19 year old Shay gets bullied into self harm the one person that can get her through the experience is her lifelong friend, Zayn Malik. Once Zayn announces his world tour with the band at the end of the summer they strive to make this summer together the best summer.


1. Chapter 1

"This. Is. It." I snarled between cuts to my arm. 

Growing up for me was hard. I mean hard. I only had one real friend and everyone who seemed nice turned on me. I was constantly getting bullied since grade 3 because of the burns on my neck I received in the house fire that took my dad's life when I was four.

"Why. Does. Everyone. Hate. Me?" I questioned to myself.

And with that I passed out. Lying on my bed staining the sheet with the blood from my arm. It would soon be found with the permanent reminder of scars scattered along my left arm.

"Shay!" I heard my mother scream in pure terror. 

"Mom?" I weakly responded snapping in and out of consciousness. Next thing I know I've blacked out completely. 


"Ms. Robertson your daughter is waking up," an unfamiliar voice called to my mom.

What is going on? I thought to myself. Where am I? That's when it hit me. The memories of my previous actions came flooding back. Everything was swirling through my mind. The cutting, the blood, the blacking out. I just couldn't take this!

"Ughhhhh!" I moaned. I needed to get out of here. Now. 

"What's the matter? Are you alright? Do you need something?" The doctor bombarded me with questions as she rushed into the room. 

"Yes I'm fine. May I take a walk?" I asked hoping the answer was yes.

"I'm sorry sweetheart but you lost a lot of blood and you need to rest. How about you just take the day off and get some sleep. You have to meet with some counselors tomorrow." She answered sympathetically.

"Fine but can I speak with my mom privately for a moment?" I really hope she says yes I need to make sure my mom is ok. 

"Sure sweetie I'll send her in. Just holler if you need something or feel any pain or dizziness." 

I was grateful for her answer. I needed to talk to my mom. I was very anxious. Would she be mad or happy that I'm alright? I don't know but I just need to see her.

"Hey baby feeling better?" My mothers soothing tone interrupted my racing thoughts.

"Yeah I'm fine." I responded. 

"Shay listen, I'm sorry I didn't notice the bullies at school earlier on in your life. How come you didn't tell me about this sweetie? You may not realize this but the solution to your problem isn't cutting, you understand?" My mom lectured as she rubbed my thigh through the hospital bed sheets. 

"Mom it's not your fault. You wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. I'm not saying that like your stupid I'm just saying that you can't control bullies these days. They're unstoppable." I said holding back my tears. "I was just so depressed I couldn't help myself mom. I want to stop. Please help me!"

With that I broke down. There was one thing I needed right now. It was actually a person and I needed them more than ever right now. They are amazing. His name is Zayn Malik.

"Mo-mom?" I croaked. She snapped her head in my direction wiping the tears out of her eyes. 

"Y-yes baby girl?" She stuttered.

"I need zayn." I flat out stated. No emotion to be found in my voice. I just needed him now. 

There was a long pause between us. I could tell by the look in my mothers eyes that she new exactly what I was thinking. And what exactly am I thinking? I'm thinking about how Zayn has been my best friend ever since age five. We were two peas in a pod. I was emotionally unstable for the first year I knew Zayn due to the accident my family suffered. That never stopped him from coming back. He comforted me and he never turned on me like everyone else. 

"Ok." My mother replied getting up with her phone and retreating to the hallway. 



I was a little toddler. Only four years old. I was at the hospital with my mom. All I knew was that I just lost everything I owned in a house fire. I also knew my father was injured in this traumatic night. My mom kept telling me he was ok and I believed her. 

"Mrs.Robertson," the doctor paused "I'm terribly sorry but your husband just passed away."

I was young and had no idea what just happened or what the doctor just said. I did know that my mother was the color of new white snow and that she was sobbing her eyes out. I've never seen my mother like that before so I started crying as well. 

*End of Flashback*

That memory haunted me my whole life. You may not know how it feels being told that you no longer have a dad but its terrible. Soon my tears clouded my vision and I just sat there balling my eyes out. 

"Shhhh. Shay I'm here don't worry." An strong Bradford accent sounded as someone soothingly rubbed my back. 

I turned around to see Zayn. He embraced me in a warm hug gently kissing the top of my head and cooing short sympathetic and soothing sentences in my ear.

"You'll be alright." He calmly stated. 

"I'm glad your here." I managed to get get out before bursting into tears again.

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