Death And Co Art

For the Death and Co art competition with my artwork. It is my first time, so please if it's terrible don't say something nasty. But give me some constructive criticism please.


2. Adam Mortson


Name: Adam Mortson

Age. 15

Likes: school, science, Melissa

Dislike: Being a Luman, swooping coffee, Micheal Bulbur

Special Ability: Seer- Can feel  death before it occur.

Slogan: "There's more to life then death..."

Ps:Yes I did draw both of these drawing that is why I signed my name "Sabitha Kiritharan" on both of them. I tried extremely hard and with a lot of effort drawn them. So please do not copy and steal. I think they look okay. But please give me some feedback on it. Also, if you think it is really terrible please take it into your  consideration that this is my first time drawing, and also putting it on a website for people to see it, and that I'm only aged thirteen. I hope you like both of my drawings.

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