The truth is spoken with no words, if you can not hear it then your heart is not open. After spending five years in an asylum convincing herself that she was crazy Brianna is finally released into the world to explore and piece her life back together. But what happens when she starts to "receive" her letters again is this her imagination? Or is what she was convinced too believe for 5 years a lie.


1. Prologue

I smiled to myself as I sat in the local  library after school  opening the latest letter I had received from Jared, he's my best friend even though we have never actually met and he's my only friend  you see I'm a loner at school I'm that kid that sits on her phone at lunch and  pretends to text so I don't look stupid. But lucky for me 6 years ago when I was just 7 years of age I started to receive letters from Jared so I don't feel like a loner but I still seem like one. I suppressed a giggle as I started to read the first line of the letter.

Dear, Brianna 

How are you gorgeous? It's been what? 6 years since we first talked and I'm starting to like you even more every day! I'm really curious as to why your letters have wet spots on them have you been crying? I hope you haven't cause a beautiful girl like you only deserves to smile! Speaking of smiling in your last letter you told me you were getting braces, have you gotten them yet? And if so what colours? Ok I guess your a bit bored right now so ill get to the point of this letter. Well Brianna ever since I sent you my first letter you replied when you could have gotten freaked out and ignored it and I appreciate that I love how your reply was quirky and fun and well I guess what I'm trying to say is- 

I was snapped out of my thoughts and the letter by the librarian telling me that the library was closing for the day I politely nodded and packed up my things and put the letter back into the the envelope making a mental note to read it later. I shoved everything into my backpack, zipped it up and turned on my heel leaving the library. About 5 minutes into my walk home I started to think about what Jared was trying to say, I contemplated reading the rest of it now but it was already 4:55 and I was ment to be home by five, plus I hate reading and walking because I'd either trip over something or get a headache. I picked up the pace a little after I checked my phone for the time, I only had about 2 minutes to get home and soon my power walking turned into full out sprint but I sighed as I saw the familiar 
white gate that surrounds my beautiful two story house. I opened the gate just enough for met to slip through, closing it behind me as I walked up to my front door. I took my bag off my back and zipped it open fishing around for my keys, seeing I didn't have them I zipped my bag back up and put it back on my back I then proceeded to knock on the front door so I could get in, it opened almost instantly revealing my tall, lanky dad. "Your late!" My dad stated in an aggressive voice. I put my head down knowing that I should have waited to read the letter at home and then I wouldn't have been late. My father sighed and brought me into a hug then stepped aside letting me in he was the pillow of the family and my mum was the rock. Speaking of my mum in a few minutes she would no doubt lecture me about being late and my thoughts were prove right at the sound of her fancy stilettos  clanky against our hardwood timber floors and in seconds she was in front of me.  "Your late! Again! How many times must you slack off? You have chores to do and here it is 5:03 and you haven't even started!!" She yelled making hand gestures at the clock and the dirty dishes. I sighed contemplating on wether I should talk back or not and I some how plucked up the courage to talk back for the first time. "I was at the library mum could you at least give me a little freedom and not be so worried? " I said smiling at my new found confidence as my mum opened her mouth to yell at me yet again. "The library!?! The library!?! You go there everyday and maybe I wouldn't be so worried if you actually got friends that could go with you  instead of being a little loner freak who reads all day" she yelled at and then slapped me in the face. "And never talk back to me again! You little brat" she spat getting close to my face. I put my head down tears welling up in my eyes and I looked back up at her using all my strength to push her. " How dare you! Your a monster I'm sorry I can't help being such a failure and a weirdo that no one wants to be my friend!" I yelled tears now pouring to of my eyes. The look on her face was shock like she suddenly just realised what she did and said and that I yelled at her. "Brianna" she said putting her hand on my left check were she slapped me . "I'm sor- she was about to say but I cut her off. "Don't even bother" I said shrugging her hand off and walking past her to the staircase. "Brianna come back here don't walk away from your mother" she demanded in a stern voice. "No I hate you and Your . Not . My . Mother" I spat at her and ran up the stairs and into my room. 

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