Mr Blue Eyes

Allannah is an award winning interviewer for bliss. She has a hard time believing that she has to interview the biggest boy band In the world, what she does not expect is that she will fall madly in love with 2 of the boys....who will she choose?


4. The serious stuff

 Ally's POV

"okay so lets get on with it" I spoke shyly.  I picked up my papers and sat next to Zayn on the end of the corner couch it was Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn and then me. Louis was sat on the corner.  "Lets see um, okay obviously your the biggest boy band in the entire world and you could have most things really so if you could have anything in the whole world what would it be? Umh Niall?" I became not as nervous now so I directed the question to Niall. I heard him mumble 'you' but I didn't get it so I just encouraged him to carry on. "I think I would get a Nando's because I love them and that is what I really want right now." He spoke softly like he wasn't very interested, but his body language told otherwise. "Nice what about you Zayn?" I asked Zayn hoping for a more interesting answer then Nando's. "well Allannah I think I would have..." "A mirror" Louis rudley interrupted. "Louis I'm sick of you butting in just stop it was a question for me not my 'physic'" Zayn said sternly. "Now now girls calm down" Liam said raising an eyebrow at Louis. "Okay Zayn what's your answer?" I said softly moving closer to him  to calm him down. "Erh just perrie I think" he said glumly looking at his knees. "Zayn perrie is so lucky to have you...she's beautiful just like you" I said patting his shoulder lightly trying to cheer him up a little. After around 30 seconds he gave a little side smile and said "she's amazing", I just nodded and lead onto the next question. "Okay this question was thought of by grace..."I looked at Liam and wiggled my eyebrow, he smiled and looked over at grace giving her a cheeky wink. "She said if you could change one thing in your life right now what would it be?....erm Liam?" I locked onto him waiting to see what his reaction was. "Humm that's a tough one but I would say relationship status because we've just brought out our new song 'best song ever' and the stadium tour starts next year the album is more or less done too so we have more free time then usual....we singles need that one person who can just light up our world you know?" He looked from me to grace and back to me. "Yep I totally agree" stated Niall and Harry nodded too. Louis was with Eleanor and zayn with perrie leaving Niall, Liam and Harry single. "We'll I was just going to ask you Harry" I said with a smile but looking at Harry his bright green eyes gazed into mine. I paused for a minute or two just looking at him and his dark brown ringlets that fell messily over his face..but they were tamed. I got snapped out of my trance by grace shouting "random photo" I pushed Zayn up and told the boys to pose for the camera "cheese" grace shouted looking into the peep hole. "Awh you all look so cute" she smiled, her small dimples showing. "Why don't you two come on with us?" Asked Harry reaching out his hand and pulling me up into him, I stood In between him and Niall. Niall has his hand on my lower back and he rested his head on my shoulder. Liam held out his hand for grace but she shied away, "awh come on grace don't spoil it" Liam pushed out his bottom lip giving her the irresistible puppy-dog face that he specialised in. "Fine but it stays between us, and Paul of course" she said giving him a soft smile. She set the timer and ran into Liam's arms but she tripped on her heels and fell into his arms, he tried to pull her up but they was laughing so much that they struggled to stand. The camera flashed and looking at the picture on the big screen we saw how everyone was being totally themselves in the photo. Niall had his arm around me and he was smiling like an idiot, I was looking at Harry and laughing because he was doing a monkey impression. Louis was giving Zayn a piggy back because they was at the back and Zayn couldn't see the camera...saying that neither could Lou so he jumped. And then grace and Liam. Damn did they look cute, grace was leant forward with Liam's arms around her trying to steady them but laughing and falling even more....they did look perfect together. "Thanks guys that will be deleted now..." I said joking to see what the reaction was. "NOOOO" Harry, Niall and Liam shouted at the same time. "You can't do that it's cute, right Niall?" Liam spoke worried. "Uh yeah it's special" he said looking at me, his eyes pouring into mine gave me goosebumps and butterflies. Grace walked over with 7 printouts of the photo giving each of us one...Niall could not take his eyes off me.

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