Mr Blue Eyes

Allannah is an award winning interviewer for bliss. She has a hard time believing that she has to interview the biggest boy band In the world, what she does not expect is that she will fall madly in love with 2 of the boys....who will she choose?


2. Getting there

Graces POV

i had to drive her there and fast. We needed to be there 20 minutes before and we only had 10 minutes before the pre discussion with them. I pushed down the hand break and put on my indicator, pulling out on a main road isn't good but luckily a kind man in a black van let us through. I could have sworn it looked like Paul one directions body guard. I pulled out and thanked him and then sped off quite quickly. The M.E.N was literally 5 minutes away I could see Ally in the corner of my eye she was tense so I held out my hand for her to hold which she gladly took. As we pulled onto the car park I showed my parking ticket (I had this because I worked there) and drove to my allocated spot. We grabbed our bags and ran inside, it's a good thing I had an auto lock button on my keys because the door was in font of us. We ran inside but got stopped by a young man in a security outfit, we was too busy messing around in our bags and me with my keys to at his face. "Come on Ryan let us in" Ally laughed but her laugh suddenly stopped.

"ladies I need your pass please" we both looked at him in confusion, it was Carl not Ryan. We fumbled around for our passes and showed them to him, finally he let us through. We hurried around the corner into the room, I dropped my keys at the door so I bent down to pick them up, when I stood again I saw a familiar black van and 5 handsome boys stepping out of it. I was happily gazing at them until one guy Liam stopped and looked at me, I quickly turned around and banged into the door frame. 'Jesus grace you always manage to embarrass yourself' I thought as I actually walked into the room this time , I saw Ally sat there shaking reading over her questions. I didn't tell her the guys were here, she was nervous enough. 

Ally's POV

'Take a deep breath Ally, your going to be fine. It's only five boys' I thought to myself as grace Walked in . She had a smile I her face which seemed to make me a little less nervous. 

"Grace I'm going to mess up" I said with a sigh. She came and sat next to me, "no your not, Ally your always like this, think about that time when we interviewed Bradley cooper" she said with a smile. "Grace he asked for your number not mine" I said lifting an eyebrow at her. "Well yeah but he got you going out with Gerard butler remember" she said nudging me with her elbow. I turned away shyly I was a new shade of red. Just as she got up and walked away I heard talking from outside,  the voice was low with a Cheshire accent, Harry Styles. I picked up my lines and read over them again and again. 'Ally keep calm there just famous there just normal famous peop-' "hi there you must be Allannah" 

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