Mr Blue Eyes

Allannah is an award winning interviewer for bliss. She has a hard time believing that she has to interview the biggest boy band In the world, what she does not expect is that she will fall madly in love with 2 of the boys....who will she choose?


3. Blah blah blah

Liam's POV

" hi there you must be Allannah" I looked at her smiling, god she was beautiful, but she was a niall's girl. Brown hair, dark brown eyes, quite tall and so so pretty. I turned to look at Niall, he was practically drooling over her. " y-y-yes I-I'm Allannah" she stuttered her words, nerves. I heard a bang as we walked into the room my head quickly turned to where it came from to see a stunning girl kneeled on the floor picking up the unraveled camera tape. As she stood I came to see her face, I could have fell to me knees and worshiped her beauty. "I'm Liam and you are?" I asked her still basking at her beauty. "Nice to meet you Liam I'm grace, il be taking photos of the interview so make sure you look pretty" she said confidently shaking my outstretched hand. " oh don't you worry I will be posing for it" she giggled and I couldn't stop myself from smiling. I heard a throaty cough from the back of me and as I turned everyone was staring at us. "Just introducing us lads, Grace, Ally this is Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn" they both smiled at them as they waved or smiled to how who was who. Then I heard a whisper in my ear," we know who you are, we have to interview you" she spoke slowly and to be honest it was the most sexiest thing I had ever heard. I just laughed and walked away. "Um sit down, I just need to talk to Grace  one second" she walked over to her and said something close to her ear, obviously not wanting any of us to hear, but grace gave it away by looking at Niall and smiling. 

"What you think of Ally, you can't stop looking at her" I leaned over to Niall. He just gave a nod of approval and looked at her. 

Ally's POV

" grace Niall is even more good looking then I thought, if he talks to me il melt" I said into her ear. She looked at me and smiled "well ally it's an interview of one direction and sorry to break it to you but he's in the band" she said trying to hint that he will have to talk to me. "Ugh" I growled a little to loud as I turned to see them all looking at me in shock. "You okay?" Harry asked sitting down. "Um yeah just I forgot to write a question down that's all" I said hardly convincing anyone, so I just smiled. Harry nodded as Louis spoke well should we get on with it now we know who we all are" he smiled and got comfortable. "Wait I didn't quite catch your name" Niall spoke to me, his thick Irish accent was prominent. "Um Allannah" I said blushing, I felt the melting coming on. " oh right okay well Allannah is abit long how about Ally, can I call you Ally?" He said smiling as his deep blue eyes burning into mine. "Yeah sure that's what grace calls me anyway" I said turning around. I felt like all that was coming out of my  mouth was blah blah blah.

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