Daddy! Don't leave me



1. The Talk

"Daddy! We need to talk" I hang up on the phone and place it back in my pocket. My heart starts to race as I pull the sealed envelope out of the bag beside of me, my father's name printed on the front. My breathing then becomes heavier as I carefully tear the tape from the letter. Slowly goes, neat and easy. The letter lay in my hands, and just then I can tell my breathing is even worse... "No... not him" I gulp down, trying to slow my breathing down. Tears start to form in my eyes as I continue to read the letter, not missing out on any detail. I have to stop reading, I have to stop reading.

The door swings open, I raise my head to see my father standing in front of me with his usual jolly smile. I wipe the tears from my eyes, he walks towards me, his smile disappearing.

"Sit down. It's just a talk"

I gulp down hard as my father takes a seat in front of me. My hands start to tremble as I crumple the letter in my hand. I smile politely as he smiles back. "Daddy..." Tears start to form in my eyes once again. How can I break this news to him? "Y-You have... lung cancer" I turn to my right as he turns and looks to his left. My cries becoming louder. "I know" He replies. "I know, dear".

The look in his eyes, calm and soothing... but knowing that he may not be with me in the next few years or even months scares me. But he's ready for death, like he has been many times before. He knows his fate and he knows that I'll be by his side. "I... I have to go" I whisper, dropping the letter on the floor and running out of the room. The door closed behind me, silence. He can't leave me, It's all my fault. I put him through the stress, causing him to smoke. Why was I born? Why am I here if he already knew?

"Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend"

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