Forever Running

He didn't expect that the others could find him.


1. The Others...

Why, why me? It wasn't my fault this time, yet they still blame me. I didn't kill her. I saved her from the monsters.

He repeated that in his head, over and over until he convinced himself that he didn't do it, that it was all a lie, that they were just using him as an excuse. He was sitting in the darkest corner of the bare room, his knees pulled to his chest while he rocked back and forth. His eyes, once shining with the light of the moon, now dull and bleak, just like that room.

He groaned in pain as he remembered what had happened.
I saved her, but I get the blame.
But they saw things differently...

Previous Day

"No!! Stop!! Leave me alone!!" Her screams were loud, louder than they should be, "Help, somebody! Anybody!!!"

Alex ran towards her screams, racing around the street corners. The roads were deserted no-one was walking about, chatting, shopping, laughing.
No, everyone was watching the fight. Everyone was shouting, encouraging them on.

Alex turned the last corner, to see people lined around the clearing between the tall buildings. People standing, leaning and leering over their balconies, trying to get a clear view of the fight.

The poor guy who was giving it his all while his girlfriend was held back from him. Punch after punch. Kick after kick. They were laying into him as hard as they could, and it made Alex sick. Sick to the bone that everyone was just watching and enjoying the show they were given, no-one wanting to help the victims.


Humanity was fucked up after all.


They stopped hitting him to tease their crowd, before giving him one last punch after their leader’s signal. Then they stopped. They threw the girl to the floor next to her broken-boned boyfriend. She cried and crawled over to him, cradling his head in her arms.


Alex had had enough.


He walked into the clearing, his eyes ablaze with the flames of his fury. All heads turned to watch him, the leader, with a smirk on his face, raised his arms in a welcoming gesture.


“Brother! What a pleasant suprise! Come to join in the fun?” He asked, his voice filled with venomous encouragement.


Alex growled, his fists clenching tightly by his sides, “I am no brother of yours, Jaden. You’re an evil bastard who deserves nothing more than to rot in the depths of hell.”


Jaden feigned mock hurt, “Oh you’ve wounded me brother. I simply asked if you wanted to join in beating up the freak and his bitch.”


Alex roared and stepped forwards, “Never. I would never help you.”


Jaden’s eyes darkened significantly while his smirk widened into a grin, “Then I guess you leave me no choice.” He turned his back and walked towards the dark alleyway exit, stopping at the mouth and saying, loud enough for everyone to hear “Kill him.”


And he walked away, his laughs leaving the hairs on the back of Alex’s neck raised.

Alex swallowed some of his anger down, controlling himself, this is what he wanted, for me to lose it and reveal myself to everyone, I won’t give in to him.


A crunch of gravel behind him, Alex swirled round, only to be face with one of the bastards who had broken the victims jaw. He studied his face, the blood dripping from his knuckles, the way the crowd watched this unfurl with hunger set on their faces.

They were here for blood and nothing more.

They would soon be the ones racing for cover, cowering in fear, showered on with the debris of their disgusting human ways.


Alex growled at him, taking a step back. He received a grin, another signal. More crunches of gravel alerted Alex to his surroundings. They were following their instructions and enclosing him. Not that that would ever be enough to stop him.

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