Baby I Loved You First

Hi, this story is about an italian girl who moved to England because of her parents.
She's gonna live in a small town,Doncaster and she'll has to go in a English school where she'll meet Louis,Harry,Liam,Niall and Zayn.
this story is more abuot Louis but there will be Harry too.
Hope you've gonna enjoy to read it.
I'm sorry if I commit grammatical mistakes... I'm good at English at school and I promise that I'll chack my story... please don't judge me badly for mistakes I'm Italian
so sorry again
xo xo


1. It's just th beginnning



But what I did in that place, it was so strange, so far from everything, far from the place where I’ve grown up?

We have moved from Italy, not a long time ago, I was with my family in a small town in the middle of South Yorkshire, in the middle of nothing of the British countryside; this town’s name was… Oh Gosh I don’t remember, it was something like Don… ah right it was Doncaster.

It was nearly the beginning of the new school year and I was excited to start  a new school year in a English school but I was frightened too cause I didn’t know the school, teachers and nobody from my new class. I also was disgusted at only the thought of doing Math and physics in English, I always hated Math with all of my heart so think about study them in English was terrifying. One of my other fears was block me while I’m speaking when one of my anxiety attacks come out.


-“Emily c’mon wake up! It’s time to get up in the morning, you’ve got go to school…”

Holy crap I was desperate at hearing those words but I woke up. That day was my first day at Hall Cross School an important school in Doncaster. I was calm enough because at the old school I was good in English but I knew it wasn’t enough to survive in a English school, however I hoped that teachers help me in the first year but a part of that I knew that it won’t be a simple year. My biggest fear was to commit a lot of mistakes while I’m talking confusing “do” with “does”, don’t put “s” at the end of verbs that was at singular and make the figure of a donkey. Oh my Gosh I was totally in panic!

 I decided to come down to have breakfast, after I dressed up in a lovely uniform that had the Hall Cross School, it was composed by a simple white shirt and a blue tie, with a dark blue skirt and dark shoes and long white socks were knee-length.

Only that day my mum brought me to school because it was the first day so she did a sort of solidarity to me and I have to confess I was happy with her decision. When we got to the Hall Cross, I got out the car than I waved my mum with a hug through the car’s window and I said her:

-“Bye mummy, I’ll walk home …ok?!”

-“Yes, Emy love you and be good at school”

She winked at me and sped away with the car, I don’t actually know why she said me that sentence, I was fifteen years old not a five but I think she said that just because she’s got the maternal instinct so she used to say thinks like that.

I walked towards the entrance or at least in the direction that all were going, it seemed like a movie it was too amazing to be real: I was going in a new school, in England, such a dream. Arrived in the main hall, I did not understand anything: people who had by their lockers, small groups of friends chit-chatting about summer they went through, it seemed really another planet from the one I came from ... after I got tired of aimless wandering, I stopped the first person who I met me first and the unfortunate victim was a tall boy and looking confident, with dark curls that covered his head and eye bluish and I asked:

-“Excuse me, sorry for disturbing you but I’m new her and I’ve got no idea where I have to go and I really don’t know what to do… please can you help me?”

He strangely looked at me, maybe for my not so English pronunciation not entirely English, he smiled and said:

-“Hi I’m Harry, welcome in Hall Cross School, at first you’ve got to go to the head teacher to give him documents and I don’t know what else than he’ll give you the number of your locker with the its code “

I said him a simple “thank you” and I started to go to the head teacher’s office but when I turned round and started walking I heard a big noise coming from Harry’s direction, than I decided to stop for a moment and watch what was happening: suddenly an angel jumped on Harry’s shoulder and said a big and loud “hi” to him. This boy was damn sexy he was tall but not as Harry, he had brown straight hair and his amazing blue-greenish eyes light up from his face and his uniform’s shirt was a bit tight on him so I can see his amazing body trough it. I don’t why but I lost my conscience and I started to go in their direction and found out something to ask them just to show to the handsome one that I’m existing too in this school so I came back to Harry and asked him:

-“Sorry but could you show me where I have to go to the head teacher’s office, please?”

Harry didn’t have time to answer me, while the other guy preceded him and replied in his place with a lot of enthusiasm:

-“Of course I could! Just follow I know well this way and the head teacher and he knows me too, you know I often visit him, see you later Harry!”

Said this took my arm, I was going to get crazy, and began to drag me with him along the corridors of the school and began to talk again:

-“So, why you need to talk with the head teacher you got trouble already at the first day? And how you don’t know where is his office? I taught it’s a well known place”

-“I guess it is but I haven’t got troubles, I just need to give him some documents cause today is my first day at Hall Cross and I don’t know rules and thinks like that…!”

-“ Really!? I’m so sorry what a stupid I was and how rude… so, my name is Louis Tomlinson, and welcome to Hall Cross School! Where are you from?”

 I was about to explode when he asked me where am I from and trying to have a conversation with me… Oh Gosh the day before I even not could imagine that I’ll fall in love with an amazing creature like him… than I reply his answer:

-“I’m from Italy, me and my family moved here,’ cause my parents found work here”

-“Pfff… Here in Doncaster? Are you kidding, Doncaster  it’s a pretty town but it’s in the middle of nothing, they were lucky to found out something here… anyways what’s your name?”

-“My name is Emily”

I simply said all excited.

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