Truly Madly Deeply~

Shannon is a huge Directioner. Her parents think that she is absolutely obsessed and crazy... and lets just say don't exactly support them. she is 16 years old of age and originally has black hair but dyed it red. her parents are really strict and Shannon really doesn't have ANY hope that her dreams will come true. One direction is her life and... one day... she can see... just see her dreams beginning to come alive, with just a little shot of luck. but what is she going to do about her parents? What is going to happen? Join her as she embarks on her new journey!!

:* Hope you like it! It's my first ever fan fiction right here on Movella! :)


2. The Intruder

That girl was too cute. I actually did like her shirt. Her hair was so pretty and her eyes, mesmerising. I wonder how old she is. Wait, harry, think straight, you idiot. After we had everything sorted out, we ate pancakes with ice cream. I was about to leave when Shannon gave a terrified gasp. I turned around, about to ask her what was wrong when I saw that a man had her, a sharp silver knife to her neck. 

I was shocked. Who was he? Before i could wonder, the man growled in anger and pressed the knife closer, causing Shannon to whimper and close her eyes. 

"Who are you?" The man said to me rudely. "Get lost, this is between me and her."

I thought quickly. "Do you want money? I'll give you money!" I said. "How much do you want?"

The man seemed to think a little.

"No, no, no! Don't give it to him!" Shannon squirmed. 

"$100 and i'll leave. For now." The man said to me, holding his hand out expectantly. 

I opened my wallet and took out two $50 and handed it to him. "Here you go. Please let her go." I took a few steps closer. 

The man thrust Shannon into my arms and disappeared in a flash out of the window. Shannon began crying into my shirt. I stroked her head gently. "It's okay."

"Why- why did you give him money?" Shannon sobbed. "He's just gonna come back! He's gonna kill me!" I had a feeling that she wasn't too ready to tell me who the man was. 

"Hey- Shannon. Do you want to go back to my place? because.. I don't really think i should leave you here alone." I said. 

"What, seriously?" Shannon stared at me in surprise. "Are you serious?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked, surprised.

"Wait, hold up. Pinch me." Shannon held up her arm. 'Is this a dream? 'Cuz if it is, please don't bring my hopes up. It is really disappointing when i wake up each morning and everything didn't happen." I laughed at her face. 

"It's real, shannon... If it isn't, then maybe i'm dreaming about you too. But that wouldn't be possible because i wouldn't know you." I pushed her gently to the stairs. "Go, bring your toothbrush and some clothes. You'll probably be staying there for a while."



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