Truly Madly Deeply~

Shannon is a huge Directioner. Her parents think that she is absolutely obsessed and crazy... and lets just say don't exactly support them. she is 16 years old of age and originally has black hair but dyed it red. her parents are really strict and Shannon really doesn't have ANY hope that her dreams will come true. One direction is her life and... one day... she can see... just see her dreams beginning to come alive, with just a little shot of luck. but what is she going to do about her parents? What is going to happen? Join her as she embarks on her new journey!!

:* Hope you like it! It's my first ever fan fiction right here on Movella! :)


3. The Hotel

shannon's P.O.V

I looked back at Harry, unsure. My parents were out of the country, so i wouldn't get in trouble... I'm such an idiot. This is Harry styles we're talkin' about here, any girl would jump at the chance. I rushed up the stairs and grabbed a backpack, stuffing it full of my best clothes and my toiletries. I changed into a more presentable outfit (creamy coloured shirt that came up to my stomach and tied in a knot with some of stomach showing. short, ripped jeans shorts.) 

I jogged back downstairs and met harry with a warm smile. "You ready?" he said cheerfully. "My car is just around the corner." I turned to him, confused. 

"Wait, then why didn't you just drive away from the paparazzi?" I asked him curiously.

"Aw. Weren't you happy to see me?" He joked, pouting. I punched him playfully in the shoulder. 

"Oww... Louis, she's being mean to me!" Harry said loudly.

"Louis?" I asked, even more confused. 

Harry laughed at my face. "I called Louis to drive over here to pick us up. I had him hide to scare you. But now, i really don't know where he is." said harry, squinting around the room. 

"BOO!" A figure jumped out at us, making me jump. Harry yelled. 

"Oh my gosh!" I put a hand to my chest. "You..."

"Louis! I told you to scare her, not me!" Harry complained.

"At least you didn't scream like a girl..." I said to him, laughing. 

"come on you two." Louis grabbed me and Harry's hand as i tried not to fangirl. "Nice to meet you, Shannon." Louis said as he walked out of the door. 

"I've heard a lot about you." Louis said as we seated ourselves in his shiny black porsche. "Well, not really, just everything Harry knows and thinks about you." 

I blushed an unflattering shade of pink. "w- what did he say?"

Harry's P.O.V

"Hey," I complained loudly. "I'm right here, you know." I turned slightly red. Shannon was so cute.

"Right." Louis looked at me in the mirror, then turned back to Shannon. "He hates you. He thinks you're ugly and stuck up."

Shannon stared at Louis for a while. "That's not-" I began to protest.

"Okay, okay." Louis put up a hand. "The opposite." 

"Not funny," I mumbled. Louis pulled up at the hotel we were staying at and got out. Shannon and I followed suit. We soon arrived outside the presedential suite and Shannon looked amazed. 

"Oh, wow." Shannon walked slowly around. "This is beautiful."

I shrugged, grinning at her. "Yeah i know, it is, isn't it." 

There was a few minutes of silence as she explored and i trailed along behind her. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was more of a comfortable silence, i think. I showed her to my room, and she placed her bag down carefully on the small sofa. 

"You could stay," I said, watching her. "Sleepover. Come on... It'll be so fun."

She looked at me hopefully, her eyes sparkling. "I'd love to." She smiled that beautiful smile of hers. 

"Hey, want to go wake up the others?" I said with a wink.



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