Truly Madly Deeply~

Shannon is a huge Directioner. Her parents think that she is absolutely obsessed and crazy... and lets just say don't exactly support them. she is 16 years old of age and originally has black hair but dyed it red. her parents are really strict and Shannon really doesn't have ANY hope that her dreams will come true. One direction is her life and... one day... she can see... just see her dreams beginning to come alive, with just a little shot of luck. but what is she going to do about her parents? What is going to happen? Join her as she embarks on her new journey!!

:* Hope you like it! It's my first ever fan fiction right here on Movella! :)


4. Starstruck

Shannon's P.O.V

"Sure," I replied a little shyly, still in slight shock-mode. Harry grabbed my hand and led the way. He let go all too soon. His hand was warm and so much bigger than mine but it somehow seemed like my hand fit there perfectly like a missing puzzle piece. Hang on, what was i thinking? I'm just a fan in Harry's eyes. Oh wait, Harry's whispering in my ear. 

"We'll get a bucket of ice later. First to wake up Liam. Shh..." He took my hand again and pulled me silently into the room. We sat at the end of the bed in absolute silence for a second, then harry reached up and tickled Liam's outstretched foot. He shifted and moved his leg slightly and let out a soft snore. I started to giggle, and Harry clamped his hand on my mouth, grinning. 

I reached up and slowly ran my finger up and down his foot with my nail. Liam moved again and pulled both of his feet into the blankets. I moved to the side of the bed whilst Harry crawled over to the other and i used my nail again to tickle his shoulder and up his neck and the side of his face. As I moved to his nose, he slapped my hand away and opened his eyes.

"Oh, wow." He said, staring at me in bewilderment. "Am i dreaming?"

I giggled nervously. Caught. "Umm... No." 

"I must be." He sat up, gazing at me. The blanket fell away, revealing his perfectly toned, muscular body. I couldn't help staring. "You are beautiful, you know that? Your lips are perfect and your hair is to die for. Straight. nice."

"Thanks..." I said awkwardly. 

"Did I mention your lips are so perfect? They look so kissa-" Liam sighed, still gazing.

Harry cleared his throat. "Liam. Good morning, She's with me."

"Oh." He looked a bit disappointed, then his eyes widened. "Wait. This isn't a dream?"

"No, Liam!" Harry rolled his eyes at me. "Bit slow, are you?"

"Ah.." Liam glanced at me. "I'm sorry, i probably creeped you out. I thought i was dreaming."

"It's okay." I laughed softly. "Can we go wake the others now?"

"Sure." Harry came around the bed and grasped my left hand, pulling me out of the room. "Liam, come on!" Liam hauled himself out of the bed and grasped my right hand. I was completely fangirling on the inside. 



Sorry on the short chapter, I've been so busy! I'll try upload more when i can. Love ya's :D xoxo

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