The Life Of Neon

This story is about a 15 year old boy name Jack Winsion who meets a girl name Neon and discover that her world and people is wonderful but dosen't know what is watching them.


2. Welcome To The City Of Glowtion

"Hello my name Neon ,you that boy i help out, right?," said Neon 

"Yes i'm the boy, my name is Jack.," said jack

"If you want I can show you around.," said Neon 

"Okay.," said jack 

                So Jack And Neon spent the whole day around Glowtion a town that is completely dark with a few neon lights and glowing plants and some stores with lights on. One they where done exploring Glowtion they sat in a glowing garden filled with tons of glow in the dark plants. Then Jack got up and pick a flower and put it in Neon's hair. 

"Where you the girl who wad running on top of the wall?,"said Jack 

"Yes, also what that yellow thing in the sky?," said Neon

"It's called the sun it makes light so people and animals can see during the day.,"said Jack

"I think you should leave it is getting late.," said Neon

"Your right I forgot all about the milk I got for my mom.," yelled jack 

"Don't worry here in Glowtion time doesn't pass from the outside world.,"

                 So Jack and Neon walk to the entrance and neon handed the gallon  of milk and umbrella  to jack.

"Thanks for everything Neon.," said Jack smiling 

"No problem be safe going home.," said Neon 

                  So jack walk out of glowtion and look back at entrance and just look like a wall but he kept walking home.


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