The Life Of Neon

This story is about a 15 year old boy name Jack Winsion who meets a girl name Neon and discover that her world and people is wonderful but dosen't know what is watching them.


1. The Beginning

                     I'm sorry to say but this story is like no other story. This story teaches life lessons and popper manners.  And if that not your cup of tea you should just find a different story that you might like. Also our story doesn't start on a sunny day but a rainy day.

                    When 15 year old Jack Winison woke up to the call of this mother from downstairs.  He woke up and rubbed his eyes and look outside of his bedroom window.

"It's still raining outside and it' Saturday!, know I have nothing to do!," he said and fell back on this bed with a sad face 

                      He laid there for about five minutes the he herd this mother called that breakfast was ready and come down.  So he sat up and walk downstairs to the kitchen.

"I made your favorite, french toast enjoy my little bumble bee.," said his mother 

"Thanks mom.," he said started to eat a bit sadly

"Whats wrong Jack?," said his farther peeking over his morning news paper 

"I just wanted the rain to stop also I have nothing to do.," he said 

"Well you could buy me some milk from the store.," said his mother 

"I guess.," he said and he ran to his room to get dress 

                 After he grab his umbrella, put on shoes, lock the door and started to walk to the store. When he was walking home he saw a girl with white hair,white dress, and white shoes that was running on top of a wall.

"what is that girl doing she can get hurt.," he said to himself and went running after her.

        So he chased after he for about a half an hour then all of sudden he black out and woke up to people talking.

"What if he doesn't wake up?," 

"Know don't say that, you know how she cares for everyone.," 

"Where am I?," said jack opening his eyes

"The hospital that where.," said a boy with black hair with red and green highlights

"Who brought me here?, " said Jack 

"A girl.," said the boy 

"what girl?," said Jack

"Well if you feeling better I can take you to her.," said a girl with pink hair 

"Well I do feel better.," said Jack 

"Okay then fallow me.," said the girl hold out her hand

                    So Jack reach out to her hand and got up and fallowed the girl with the bright pink hair to a city that was completely dark with a few neon stage lights on. Also with music playing and tons of boys and girls with glow in the dark hair, clothes, shoes , necklaces, and sunglasses. But Jack kept following the girl with the bright pink hair till she stop and yelled at a girl.

"Hey Neon, you have someone to see you!," she said

"okay Starburst.," said neon and walk up  to where they where standing 



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