Change [Book: 2]

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
This time around it isn't so easy for Miranda. Her grandmother is sick, and so is her sister. Nothing ever seems to go right anymore. But what happens when one day she finds the light at the end of the tunnel, when things start going right again? Could this possibly mean that she could have a life without so many mishaps as before, so many heartbreaks, tears, and confusion? Well maybe this time her life is going to change.


2. Two



"When I get outta here, we're gonna go to the beach, we're gonna go to Disneyland, we're gonna go get me new clothes because I keep getting bigger!" My little sister listed hundreds of things we were going to do when she got better, I don't know how she could stay so positive, but I guess she just expected the best.

"Yes, we're going to do everything you just said, I have it all memorized. You just wait!" I smiled and hugged her frail body, she was growing though, even if she was very skinny. We waved to each other until she was rolled to her chemo room. I let a tear fall when the door shut, nobody else could be in there because of the radiation. I was here with Trent, so we walked to Lottie's room.

"Mirry! Trent!!" Her face formed into a smile as we walked in.

"Lots!" We each gave her a hug. "Delie says I'm gonna go home with her in a few months, I'm almost all better. I'm gonna go to school, I'm gonna get a puppy, and I'm gonna have a little brother!" Delia had told me this a week before now.

She had adopted Lottie, as her parents had died when she was young. I was so excited for the both of them, Delia had always wanted a little girl, because she couldn't have children, and now she has one. She'd adopted a little boy, Jack, 5, about a year ago. 

"Oh my gosh! We're still going to be able to visit you, right?" The little girl nodded, at this point we were all beaming like hyenas, even though I still had Jill on my mind.

"Well, we have to go eat now, but we'll be back later this evening to see Jill and you." We waved goodbye and walked out of the children's hospital. 

I had been driving Niall's Jeep since he had left, and I loved it so much. She was my baby. Other than Jill and Lottie, that is.

Trent and I hopped in, driving off to Happy Wok because we were both too lazy to make anything for ourselves.

So two chicken fried rice and General Tso's chickens later, we went back to my Grandma's place. 

I walked in the door, Trent at my heels, and gasped as I saw someone I never would have expected.


So, you see, I had this cousin that I used to do everything with, that is, until he moved in fourth grade. He was ironically only one day older than me. 

His sandy brown hair was a bit shaggy, going good with his grey eyes. I had to admit, as weird as it was, he was very attractive. 6'3" was his height, and he had the best personality, most of the time. 

"REESE!" I ran into the strong arms, being squished in a long awaited embrace. Considering I hadn't seen him in about four years.

"MIR!" His loud voice boomed throughout the house, leaving Trent with a dumbfounded look on her face, she didn't have a clue who he was or what he was doing here. I didn't know why he was here either, not that I was complaining. 

"Um, so who's this?" Trent's eyebrow raised during her question.

"Trent, Reese. Reese, Trent. My best friend, and my best guy-friend-cousin-relative-sea urchin." I looked up at him and burst into laughter, "You don't remember?" I take his head shake as a no.

"Well, when we were six, we wanted to become sea animals, I a Jellyfish, Reese a... Sea Urchin." I burst into laughter again at  that sentence.

"Ugh, stop reminding me." We were all in fits of laughter by the time the doorbell rang.

I stumbled my way to the door, opening it. "Oh, hi Delia. Come on in." I ushered her in.

"Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you and Trent could come over and help me paint some rooms and get some stuff for Lottie tomorrow?" I nodded, "I'm game, but do you mind if I bring my cousin, he's a real work horse. And he would love to help,  I bet." 

"Oh, sure, as long as it's fine with him." Reese agreed, as did Trent. 

Well I guess it looked like tomorrow wouldn't be a lazy day, which I was totally fine with. For the most part.

"Cool, so I have to go. I have a date tonight, so I'll see you tomorrow." Trent and I wished her luck as she went out the door. She deserved the best, and I hope that she would find her prince. 

I told the two, Trent and Reese, that I was going to bed, it was an exhausting day, so I was tired. They said goodnight and I headed up the stairs.

Stripping off my day clothes, I slipped a pair of Soffee shorts on and a tank top. I did the rest of the before-bed activities, brushing my teeth and all, and fell into a deep sleep as soon as I hit my bed.


I looked down at my old white t-shirt, making a smiley face on it with the pale yellow paint I had in my can.

Resuming work with the other three people working on a wall each, I ,ade wide strokes with the brush.

"So, Miranda, I heard you're a great artist? I was wondering if you'd like to paint some black and white cartoons on this wall for Lottie?" I nodded to Delia, I loved drawing cartoons the most, and I knew I would paint a scene from Winnie the Pooh for my favorite, unlrelated, little girl. I knew the perfect scence.

"Definitely!" We had the room finished in about fifteen more minutes, moving on to the small bathroom next door, which Reesewould do himself, considering he was a painter. What could I say? Artisticness ran in the family, kind of.

The bathroom would be a faint orange with a nice salmon colored shower curtain and the same colored towels.

About two gallons of paint and a ruined shirt later, Reese emerged from the little room. 

"Wow, thanks! It would have taken me days to paint those two rooms! You guys are a real help.Now I shall treat you all to ice cream." Yay, ice cream! 


"No, don't worry, your flowers are doing great, and so are Trent and I." I smiled and shook my head at my Grandma, she loved her flowers that were all throughout the front porch. 

"Bye, love you." I hit the End Call button, disconnecting with her. She'd been worried about those damn flowers ever since she was 'taken away' to that 'horrid place', in her own words.

I grabbed a banana and sat down in front of the TV, turning it to the news, yes people still watch it. I almost spit out my banana when I saw the headlines.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it couldn't be true.

I grabbed my phone and dialed his number.

"Hello? Are you okay? Oh my god what happened?" 

I could only hear a gasp before words were spoken, those seven words I didn't ever want to hear.


But, cliffhanger ;)

Who'd Miranda call? What happened? What are the seven words?

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Love you! Danni :)

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