Change [Book: 2]

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
This time around it isn't so easy for Miranda. Her grandmother is sick, and so is her sister. Nothing ever seems to go right anymore. But what happens when one day she finds the light at the end of the tunnel, when things start going right again? Could this possibly mean that she could have a life without so many mishaps as before, so many heartbreaks, tears, and confusion? Well maybe this time her life is going to change.


1. One

WOAH. Sequel. Wow. 

Okay, so this time I'm not going to write author's notes unless I absolutely need them. 

Or they might be a reminder of some sort? I have no idea. I'll just try to limit them.

And I won't be putting POV's at the beginning, unless it is someone other than Miranda.

Okay, tootles!!!!


"Yeah. I know, you don't have to come back until you have a break again. I'm totally fine here. My grandma is doing just fine and my sister is going through treatment very well. I'll just need Skypes with you, El, and the boys. Don't worry." It had been a month since I got the call in Paris. Since I rushed here with my best friend and my boyfriend. Niall had gone back to the tour, but Trent stayed with me.

My grandma was doing perfectly well, but my sister had fallen ill. She had leukemia, which is a bone marrow and blood cancer. Jill's was mainly in her bone marrow, but there had been a donor that matched and she would get the transplant in less than two months. 

I kind of felt bad, because she had to lose her wonderful blonde locks to chemo, so I shaved my hair to make up for it. It was starting to grow in fuzzy and close to black again. I kind of liked it gone, but I wouldn't argue with it growing back. Lots of people stared, but I didn't care. It was for my sister.

"Is Niall coming back soon? I miss him!" Niall and her had grown very close, since she used to despise One Direction. But she was warming up to them. 

"Yes, baby. He'll be back soon." My heart did a backflip at the thought. I hadn't seen him in a while, and missed him. Even though we Skyped every night. 

I know you are wondering, so I'll tell you. No, we have not had that "special night" yet. So no, we are waiting to see if everything works out, whether or not to have sex. There ya go.

"Are you two going to get married? Am I gonna be an Aunt one day?" I chuckled at her thoughts. She, in her cancer state, reminded me of an older Lottie, the little girl I had met at the park with Niall and Harry. We had last talked a week ago.

I was overjoyed to hear that she was doing very well, her hair was like Jamie Lee Curtis' now, but blonde. Delia had told me that they thought they could get her to be mostly cancer free by the time she was ten, so in about three years. Her birthday had been a month ago, and I felt so bad that I never sent her a gift. So I visited her the day I found out my Grandma was okay, but that was the day we found out about Jill.

She was a patient at the same hospital as Lottie. Coincidentally, her room was three doors down (Haha, band reference) on the other side of the hall. They had become good friends too. You know how they say, "It's a small world."? Well, it really is.

"Ah, we have to go. Job interviews!" Yes, Trent and I were trying to get jobs, we didn't want to live off my Grandma, Trent was interviewing at Hollister, me at Journey's. God I loved that store.

"May the odds be ever in our favor." I eyed Trent, and she burst out laughing. Hunger Games quote there. Wow, this was just coincidence city over here.

We parted ways as we got to the mall, both of us off to our interviews. I really wanted to be able to support myself, and know that I can be independent. With the exception of Trent. And I wanted to prove to myself that I could go and do something for myself, yeah, I'd probably ask my Grandma for some money for tuition and crap for college, but I could maybe get the rest of it on my own, once I got enough money.

Yes, I did want to go to college. I wanted to be a pediatrician since I was about ten, and I qualified for a scholarship at my old school, I was the top academic student in our grade. 

Back to the job interview, I personally think that it went well, but they said that they had one more applicant left, so they would call me if I got the job. Figures.


"Babe! Did you get it? I did!" She was so giddy, "I don't know yet, they said they'd call me if I did." She shrugged and we were off to eat. 

My favorite thing to do.


I had been staying at my Grandma's house, also keeping it up, because she was now in a nursing home, needless to say that she kind of hated it. She said that it made her feel like an old woman, and keep her cooped up. When she had a whole life to live and they were holding her back. 

She was young at heart, and always had a free spirit. I see her as Trent in eighty or so years. But Trent wouldn't let them take her so easily.She would put up a hell of a fight.

But off of that.

I was just about to Skype Niall, since it was about eight in the evening here, so seven in the morning for Niall, in Moscow, Russia. 

"Babe! I can't express how much I miss you. I know we talked yesterday, but it feels like an eternity." I kind of blushed at him, he was just too cute. 

"I miss you too." I laughed a little at the end of my sentence, it being completely true.

We talked for about two hours before I had to get to bed, seeing as I had to get up early to see my sister and Lottie in the hospital. 

Jill had to undergo chemotherapy again starting tomorrow, it depended on how her body reacted to it as to how long. 

I wasn't going to lie, this was all taking a great toll on my mental/emotional state.

One - Being away from Niall for so long

Two - My baby sister having cancer

Three - I wouldn't be able to see Niall for another month or so

Four - Jill could possibly be bypassed for the transplant, that is, if the chemo didn't work

My life was a mess right now, and the walls I built up so carefully, were crumbling down like Jenga blocks.

But as a great man once said "Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, then it's not the end." -Ed Sheeran

Needless to say, I didn't want it to be the end, but I didn't want everything to suck either. Well, not everything sucked right now, but a lot did.

Wow, all I wanted was for my sister to get better, and for my boyfriend to be by my side.

Was that too much to ask?





Sequel, still can't believe it.

Well, I'll update again Tuesday-Wednesday.

I'm not guaranteeing anything though!!!


Bye! Danni



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