Forever young

Jessie Wel is 17 years young. She finds herself in 2010 watching X-factor on a rainy day. As she hears a young man singing 'Isnt She Lovely' she went laying down in her bed to a sitting position. She knew from his wonderful curls and Emerald eyes, she was in love.


4. What?


"I'm sorry Jess!!! I've always thought of you as my brother!" I screamed
"Well I'm not talking to you ever again you slut." He just called me a slut. And started to walk off back to his home. Tears started to form at the bottom of my eyes. I drove by him on my way out of collicut. He look at me and I looked at him. Couple seconds later I got a text. I'm assuming it was Jessie,I Ignored it. I glanced at my clock and it was 6:25. 
Finally I got home. I came through the door and collapsed. I let all the tears out.  Harry came running down the stairs and bent down on his knees and started to rub my back.
"What's wrong?" Harry said sounding worried. 
"Nothing." I said barely audibal.
Harry grabbed my phone. I looked up at him with tear-stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes. "What does it say?" I asked
"Never talk to me ever again." Harry sounded very unimpressed.
"Hon," Harry said while pushing my long hair behind my ear, "You don't need him, he's a major douche for whatever he said to you. Please don't believe whatever he says." Harry told me with hate in his voice. He looked back at my phone. After a couple minutes of tampering with my Samsung he said "I blocked and deleted him, Love." I smiled at him. 

Lol is this chapter long enough?? I'm writing this in the truck. The date is the 28 (Friday) and I won't be posting this till the first of July... CANADA DAY <3! Oh and btw I live in Canada :3 bye my lovelies :) :3

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