Forever young

Jessie Wel is 17 years young. She finds herself in 2010 watching X-factor on a rainy day. As she hears a young man singing 'Isnt She Lovely' she went laying down in her bed to a sitting position. She knew from his wonderful curls and Emerald eyes, she was in love.


2. Truth or Dare?


how do you like the book? Will not be posting for a couple days.... CAMPING. Not very impressed.



harry came running down the stairs after me and jumped on the couch from behind. "Took the couch by surprised." Harry smirked. I giggled."Hey Jess, wanna play truth or dare?" Harry asked me with his sexy puppy dog eyes. "Haha sure." I smiled. "iTunes should smile more offen. I like your smile." Harry told me. That comment made me blush like crazy. "Mkay Harry, TRUTH OR DARE?!" I yelled. "Dare." He smirked back. I dare you to squirt mustard in your mouth" I commanded. Harry sighed and walked over to the fridge. He gave me the 'Do I have to?' Look. I smiled and nodded. He groned and took the mustard and squirted some into his mouth. He cringed at the taste of it. "You suck Jessie." He glared at me as he walked back to the couch. "Okay, Truth or Dare." Harry asked cockily. "Truth." I grinned. He sighed. "Okay." He smirked. "Do you, Jessie Wal like me, Harry styles?"  It took me a few seconds to get the balls (which I don't have) to say a simple, 3 letter word. "Yes."I just said blankly. "I like you too." Harry said back. "When did you start liking me?" He asked curiously. "Ever since you auditioned for the x-factor Haz." I spoke what was on my mind. "I love you, Jessie." Harry exclaimed. "Jessie." "Mhmm." "Wake uuup." "What?" It was all dream. Jessie was so angry. "Are you comming to bed, love?" Harry asked cheerfully. "Yeah, night Haz." I spoke. "Hey Haz, can I sleep with you tonight, again?" I asked. "Why do you even need to ask anymore? Your welcome in my bed anytime." He gave a laugh then a wink and headed to bed. I got up and went to quickly change into my underwear. Then Harry opened the door when I had no bra on, and no panties eaither. Harry gasped and ducked his head and covered his eyes. I laughed. He was so childish sometimes.

****harrys pov******

i feel so imbarrsed. I just saw my best friend naked. I started to undress and I got into my briefs and hopped into bed.  Jessie really didn't know how much I liked her. But I don't think she liked me. I opened my phone and texted Jessie's mum. H: hey mrs.Wal. Sorry to bug you but does Jess like me?* Couple minutes later * JM: you I what she ever talks about when your on your babe. I'm pretty sure she likes you. Ask her out on a date!

i smiled at the text Jessie's mum sent. Jessie finally entered the room. "Night Jess. Sweet dreams, Harry loves you." I said while I kissed her forehead. "Night Harry, sweet dreams

, Jessie loves you!" She said. "Hey um, Jess?" I asked. I thought it was a good time to ask Jess out on a date. "Yes hun." She replied "Will you... Uh. G-go on a date... With erm, me?"  I feared the answer. She giggled "sure!" I smiled and turned off my bed-side lamp.



sorry. I have a disease called 'Writers Block' and it prevent me from writing anything. So I hope this chapter was long enough. NIGHT MY LOVELIES!

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