Forever young

Jessie Wel is 17 years young. She finds herself in 2010 watching X-factor on a rainy day. As she hears a young man singing 'Isnt She Lovely' she went laying down in her bed to a sitting position. She knew from his wonderful curls and Emerald eyes, she was in love.


3. The Night Of The Date

"Good Morning beautiful." Harry smiled at me. "Hey harry." I smiled back. "What do you want for breakfast? The usual Bacon and Pancake sandwich with some blueberry jam on there?" He asked while he was heading out the bedroom door. "Yes please!" I grinned.

Harry was the perfect guy and i've known him for years. Most girls if Harry asked them out they would just like 'Fangirl all over the place' Just fall over and, die. I supported Harry from the begining and will always be there. The thing i loved about him most was that million dollar smile. "Where's your mum?" Harry yelled to me from the kitchen. "She's up in the hospital, The docs said Natalie was comming in two weeks." i yelled back. I was two weeks early so i can see why she decided to go early. 

I grabbed my phone from the bed side table and went into my instagram. i decided i would Add some new pictures to my account 'HARRYS_IN_MY_B3D' that was my secret account. people loved that i was so close to harry and could capture all his momments. Those fans where really dedicated.

"Breakfast is ready, love!" Harry called. I ran down the stairs to see my perfect breakfast waiting for me. "Thanks Harry." i smiled at Harry and gave him a peck on the cheek. I could tell that he was blushing. and that thought made me blush aswell. 


After my breakfast i decided to go swimming with my friend Jessie. "Harry, what time are we leaving for the date?" i asked

"7:35" he smiled. "Okay well ill be gone for a bit cause im going to go swimming with my friend. Bye harry!" i waved to him as I left the house.


After about 30 minutes of driving i reached Jessie's house. I ran up to the small bungalow and knocked.

Jessie's mother opened the door. "Hey Mrs.Dastey, is Jessie home?" i asked politely. "Sure is hun. JESSIE!!!!! DOORS FOR YOU!" she smiled and waved goodbye.

I saw Jessie come out of his room with a smile on his face. "Hey Jess." Jessie waved to me. "Whats up? i was just wondering if you wanted to go swimming at the collicut?" i asked and Jessie nodded.



I know the girls name is Jessie and the boys name is Jessie but idgaf. Just deal with it O-O



As Jessie hopped in my car he asked my why we havent spoke much. "Ive been a bit busy with Harry and my mum and dad. Sorry for not calling or texting you." I appologized. Jessie just nodded.


we got the the collicut eventually and Jessie came up and said "I love you Jes. I always have ahd a crush on you." I was a bit flabbergasted. "Hehe, thank you." i blushed. "Wanna go out on a date tonight?" He said bluntly. "I can't. i've already made plans with harry. I'm sorry Jessie." He just looked at me with a disqusted face. "I'VE KNOWN YOU LONGER THAN THE DICK HARRY. HES A PLAYER AND A TOTAL DOUCHE. AND DONT YOU KNOW HES DATING TAYLOR?! IVE KNOWN YOU LONGER!!!!!" he screamed. "Is it okay if we just be friends?" i asked softly. "Fuck you. Im fucking friendzoned and ive known you for 7 years! hes only known you for 4! and hes two years older than you!" He screamed at me again. 

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