Forever young

Jessie Wel is 17 years young. She finds herself in 2010 watching X-factor on a rainy day. As she hears a young man singing 'Isnt She Lovely' she went laying down in her bed to a sitting position. She knew from his wonderful curls and Emerald eyes, she was in love.


1. Audtions

Hey, my name is Jessie Wel. Currently 17. I have long, straight brown hair. Goldy coloured eyes. And my mom says I have a cute small nose. I'm a bit rich, I have a big house and I live with my mom and dad. My mom said she had me at the age of sixteen. She's 33 now so that makes sense. My mom is pregnet with my little sister Natalie. I'm not really excited to have a screaming kid waking me up at 1:30 in the Moring. My best friends are Alica, her nickname is Ali. And Jessie. His nickname is Jess. One day 4 years ago, I was watching X-factor (my Faveorite show at the time) I was 13 and chilling in my room. I was talking on the phone with my best friend Jess and he was planing on taking me to the mall tomorrow. Then I heard someone singing my Faveorite song. 'Isnt she lovely?' His voice was perfect. "SHH!" I hissed at Jess. I glanced at my teley and saw a young boy. "Sorry Jessie, gotta go, bye!" As I clicked off the phone I sat on the edge of my bed. ", isn't she lovely, made from love?" There was a boy, standing there. His brown curls and Emerald eyes, his dimples. I fell in love with him instantly. I re-winded the show back to where it placed his name. 'Harry Styles, 14' "Ello, Im Harry, Harry Styles." I died. I quickly rolled off my bed and patted my hands down on my carpet flooring underneath my bed to look from my laptop. Then I finally found the cold, laptop I was looking for. I quickly threw my laptop onto my bed and hopped up. I threw the lid open and typed in the address: I logged in and went to the white search bar and typed this name in: Harry Styles. I added him and waited for him to except my request. The next day I logged onto Facebook with 1 new message. I clicked the icon and Harry had messaged me. H: Hello there, but who are you love? J: sorry!:( I saw you on X-factor and I thought you where amazing! :) you sung my Faveorite song. So I decided to send a friend request your way ;)    H:  mkay :) just a question, love, where do you live? J: Holmes Chaple, why? :p H: REALLY?! I live there aswell! We should hang out some time! xx gtg love, ttyl. 

I smiled to myself.


*** 4 YEARS LATER***


"HARRY EDWARD STYLES!" I yelled from my bedroom. "JESSY QUINTON WEL!" He yelled from downstairs."COME HERE!" I hissed. I heard no answer but just assumed he wasent going to move his lazy bum, so I jogged down the stairs to see Harry, only in his boxers, sitting on my couch. "What the fuck?!" Harry turned his head to face me. "What?" He asked in confusion. You're TAYLOR?!" I growled. Harry stood up and faced me "yeah, Ꮳot a problem with it?" He hissed. "Yeah! I'm your best friend Harry! I should know FIRST!" He gave me a angry look. He ran towards me and put me over his shoulder. "HARRY!!!" I screamed. I knew where he was taking me. He ran up the stairs and threw me on his bed. Me and Harry lived together, we where like brother and sister. As Harry threw me on his bed he started to tickle me under my arm-pity's and I squealed. "HARRY! STOP IM GOING TO PEE!" I said while laughing hysterically. He smirked at me. Then he stopped. He stood up and said "you never tell me first when you have a new boyfriend, so why should I tell you when I have a girlfriend?" I glared at him and quietly said "I've never had a boyfriend you dumbass." "GO FUCK YOURSELF, I KNOW YOU HAVE!" Harry yelled at me. I stuck my tounge out at him and ran past him, down the stairs to the living room. I jumped over the sofa and watched the news on the telly.

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