Speechless (Sequel to Breathless)

Niall and Liam are finally together, they finally can be the couple they want to be. They don't have to worry about Niall's insane uncle, or so they think. Little did they know someone very close to them is helping Niall's uncle. Will the boys see through their masks? Will Niall and Liam's love fail when Niall meets someone who seems to be better for him than Liam? Read and find out :)


5. We Can't Stop

Chapter 5

Liam is BOLD
Niall is Italic
Josh is BOTH

-Liam’s POV-

I woke up with Niall in my arms, I will never get tired of this feeling. I could do this for the rest of my life. I smiled as I inhaled the familiar scent of Niall. By the way he was breathing I could tell he was still asleep. I don’t mind, I could lay here all day if I didn’t have plans. Of course those plans involve Niall. I sighed as I turned slightly to glance at the clock. It was 9:30. I should get up and make breakfast. I wonder if Mr. Malik came home last night. He hasn’t been coming home every night lately. I think my mother’s death really got to him. It took me a while to get over it, but the way I look at it is she wouldn’t want us to be depressed about it. She would want us to live on with our lives and not sit around missing her constantly. I wiggled out from under Niall trying to not wake him. I sat up out of bed and walked out to the kitchen. I glanced at Zayn’s room, his door was still shut so I assume he is still asleep. I went to the fridge to figure out what to make for breakfast. I looked through all the food and decided to just make omelets. They are easy enough. I pulled out the eggs and cheese and set to work on the omelets. As I was putting the egg mixture into the pan I heard feet walking down the hall. I turned to see a half asleep Zayn. I smiled at him, he nodded and went to sit at the island. He looked exhausted.

“Hey Z.” I say quietly. He smiles and leans his head on the island. Zayn is always sleeping, I don’t understand how he needs so much sleep. I guess I will never really understand it. I went back to cooking the food.

“Who was that boy?” Zayn asks. The sudden sound scared me and I nearly dropped the egg. I heard him chuckle at my clumsiness. I sighed and turned to him.

“Who do you mean?” I ask. He looks up at me.

“That boy last night. The one who was dancing with Niall.” He says clarifying his question. I looked down at my feet as I thought about last night. I really wish I could just push all of last night out of my mind. Nothing went how I wanted it to go.

“He’s Niall’s new friend…” I say quietly I don’t want people to know I don’t like him. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Niall needs friends, I can’t keep him from having friends that would make me look terrible. I looked up to see Zayn eyeing me, he was trying to read me I know it.

“You don’t like him do you?” He asks skeptically. I sighed and turned back to the food. If he sees my expression he will know that I hate Josh.

“No…” I answer quietly. Zayn stays quiet after, I’m glad about that he’s not trying to push me into telling about what happened. I honestly don’t want to talk about it. I sighed and tried to push all the negative thoughts out of my mind about Josh. I truly despise him, but I have no real reason to except that I’m a jealous boyfriend. Because if I’m honest with myself, Josh is so much better for Niall than I am. He has so much more in common with him than I ever did or ever will. Josh can relate to him, he can talk to him about being deaf. He can help him through it better than I can. I’m so stupid to even think that I could make Niall happy. I don’t know why I keep kidding myself. I take the food off the stove and plate it. I hand one to Zayn who is still sitting at the island. I think he figured it was better to lay off the subject of Josh. I plated Niall’s plate and carried both of ours back into my room. I walked in and smiled at how adorable Niall looked sleeping on my bed. He was all curled up with the blankets. His mouth slightly agape as he slept. He looked so peaceful, I really didn’t want to disturb him but I had plans with him today. He didn’t know about them but I wanted them to be a surprise. A shock of pain hit me in the heart when I thought about how I wanted to surprise him, I still can’t get the thought of Josh out of my mind. The words ‘He’s better for him’ keep ringing in my head. I shake my head trying to get them out but it’s no use. I sighed and set the plates on the night stand next to my bed. I turned to Niall and laid beside him. I wrapped my arm around him. He leaned over and kissed his neck. He was facing the wall away from me. I kissed up his neck until I got to his ear, I nibbled softly on it. I felt him shiver before he turned around. He smiled at me, his blue eyes looking very tired.

I like being woken up like that” He said with a small blush. I leaned forward and kissed his nose, he is so adorable.

I like when you sleep here” I said with a chuckle even though he can’t hear it. He smiled and buried his face in my chest. I chuckled and pulled him closer. I hugged him tightly before pulling him back to speak to him.

I made you breakfast Love” I say his eyes light up at the mention of food. I can’t help but laugh at how much he loves food. I sometimes think he likes it more than he likes me. But that can’t be true right? ‘He’s better for him’ rings through my head. My face falls, why can’t I get that out of my head? Dammit! Niall sat up, so did I. I reached over and grabbed his plate, I handed it to him. He smiled in appreciation and started to eat. I smiled and ate my breakfast with him. Once we both had eaten I took our plates back out to the kitchen. Zayn wasn’t there anymore. He must have taken his food to his room. I placed the dishes in the sink, I’ll do them later. I walked back into my room, Niall was still laying on my bed. He was on my phone, what a surprise. I sat beside him, he looked up from Instagram and smiled at me. I smiled back and watched as he scrolled through his feed. He liked random pictures, after a few minutes I decided to be cheeky. I grabbed my phone from him, he looked up at me with a pout. I kissed his pouty lips and a snap sound echoed through my room. He didn’t know I did it. I pulled away and looked at my phone. Niall’s eyes were wide open in shock while mine were closed. Our lips were connected and we both looked happy, although Niall was a surprised. He looked at my phone and I heard him laugh. He was watching as I posted the picture. I captioned it with ‘You taste like omelet.’ I put some hashtags and posted it. I smiled at him. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my phone back. He continued scrolling through his feed.

Get dressed Love, we have plans” I said after a few minutes. He handed me back my phone as he got up to change. He has been keeping a drawer of clothes at my house since he stays here most of the time. He walked over to my dresser and pulled out a white T-shirt and sweats. I smiled and got dressed in a purple jumper and blue jeans. Once we were both dressed we walked out of my room. Zayn was in the kitchen, he was washing the dishes woops…

“Mate you don’t have to do that” I say as we walk by him. He jumps splashing the water slightly. I chuckle, I didn’t mean to startle him. Woops.

“It’s alright. It’s my turn anyways.” He says casually. I just nod and grab Niall’s hand. We walk out to my car that’s parked in the driveway. He sits in the passenger side of my black BMW. I jump into the driver’s seat and give him a large smile. He smiled back before looking out the window, I turned to the front and pulled out of my driveway. We drove down the street for a while, I have a plan for today I want to take him out for a fun date. We haven’t had a real date in forever. I drive into town and park in front of Niall’s favorite ice cream shop. I turn and see his face light up at the sight of his ice cream shop. I chuckle and get out of the car, running around to get to his door before he had time to open it. I open his door and watch the blush flood his cheeks. He smiles softly as he gets out. I shut his door and grab his hand entwining his fingers with mine. We walk hand in hand into the ice cream shop. I open the door for him and hear a bell chime somewhere. ‘He’s better for him’ chants with the bell. I sigh and try to put on a happy face. I love Niall, and Niall loves me, that’s all that matters right? I walk with him up to the register. A girl who looks new smiles at us.

“Hello how can I help you guys?” She asks mainly looking to Niall. He gives her a soft smile before looking down at his shoes. I know he hates it when people try talking to him, reading lips is hard for him especially when he doesn’t know you. I squeezed his hand as I answered her.

“I’ll have a double scoop of chocolate chip” I say with a smile. She nods and gets to work with my ice cream. I look to Niall who is still observing his shoes. I grab his chin and make him look at me.

What do you want Love?” I ask trying to make him forget about the girl. It’s not her fault, she’s new. Everyone else who works here knows Niall’s and I’s order and they know Niall is deaf. He gave me a small smile and was about to answer me when the girl came back. She handed me the ice cream and looked to Niall.

“There you go, what can I get you sir?” she asks looking to Niall with a smile. Niall frowns and turns to me, it’s obvious he couldn’t read what she said. He looked at me with pleading eyes. I gave him a soft smile and turned to talk to the girl but she seemed determined.

“Can’t decide? I can give you a sample! What do you want to sample? I recommend the coffee ice cream!” She pushed. I opened my mouth to ask her to stop but she kept talking. The entire time Niall looked sadder and sadder.

“Or if you don’t like coffee how about our new orange sobet? That’s a really good one. Or I can make you a milkshake. You look like the milkshake kind of guy. Here I’ll just let you-” But I finally cut her off.

“Excuse me!” I say over her rambling. I say it a little loudly but only because I was getting mad at her. It’s obvious he isn’t going to answer her, what’s her problem? She looked at me in shock, almost like she has never had someone raise their voice at her. She bit her bottom lip in fear. I didn’t mean to scare her but I was done watching my boyfriend look sad.

“He’s deaf. He can’t hear you. He would like a double scoop of Mint Chip and vanilla.” I say. I’m glad I know his order, I just always ask just because I can. Niall must have been reading my lips because he gave me a sad smile once I looked down at him. The girl’s eyes widened, she didn’t say anything else. She just ran to get the ice cream. When she came back she handed Niall the ice cream. I reached in my pocket to pay but she stopped me.

“No charge. Can you tell him I’m sorry? I didn’t know.” She says looking apologetic. I gave her a smile and nodded. But Niall was watching her, maybe he could actually read her lips this time.

“It’s okay.” He says in his slightly louder voice than an average person. She looked at him in shock but changed her expression to a small smile. She nodded and we walked out of the store still hand in hand. We walked down the street eating our ice cream. We couldn’t really talk since our hands were busy, but Niall decided to change that.

“Thank you Li” He said loudly. I turned to him and smiled. I couldn’t sign to him so I spoke very slowly.

“You’re welcome love, I’m sorry that woman was rude” He shrugged and licked his ice cream I chuckled and squeezed his hand. We continued walking around looking in the windows of the shops on the street. Once we had both finished our cones I lead Niall over to a shop we haven’t been to in a long time. He smiled when he saw the shop. I bit my lip and lead him inside. His eyes grew wide as he took in what was standing in the room. I smiled at his expression.

What is this?” Niall asks hurriedly. I just smile at him and lead him forward. Standing right in front of us was none other than Bon Jovi. He had his short dirty brown wrapped up in a red bandana. He had on a leather sleeveless jacket and dark blue jeans. His shirt was plain white. I don’t know why Niall loves him so much, but you know… whatever…

“Hey Li!” Luke the store owner greeted me. I know him through my mom. They used to date back before I was born. She and him stayed friends up until… well… you know.

“Hey! I brought Niall like I said I would.” I laughed. Luke chuckled and looked over to Niall then back to me.

Ni, I want you to meet my friend Luke and his friend Bon Jovi” I signed Niall’s eyes widened as he took in my words. He looked to Bon Jovi who smiled at him. Niall walked over to him and they started talking, I know Niall wasn’t really understanding everything he was talking about but I think he was just so happy that he got to meet him he didn’t really care. I went and walked to the back with Luke.

“So did he do it?” I asked Luke who turned around and grinned at me. I found myself grinning back, that look told me it was a yes. He pulled out a large guitar case and placed it on the table. He opened it up and I nearly kissed him. Not like I would actually do that though, I was just so happy. In the case was a red and white electric six string guitar. It had everything on it, including four signatures from all the members, John Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres. Niall was going to love it, he was going to flip when he saw this. I grinned and admired the guitar before Luke put it back. He closed it up and handed it to me.

“I want to see his expression when you give this to him, so give it to him now please?” Luke asked as I took the guitar.

“That’s the least I could do after all of this. Thank you so much Luke, I really do owe you.” I said. He just shook his head as we walked out of the back room. Niall was still watching Bon Jovi with the look of shock on his face. I laughed and walked over to him. I set the guitar on the ground and wrapped my arms around his waist. He jumped from my sudden touch but relaxed into me after a second.

I have a surprise for you” I said he scrambled out of my embrace and turned to me. He looked confused but happy.

More? How could there be any more!?” He asked. I smiled and picked up the guitar case. I handed it to him and he smiled. He opened it up and I thought he was going to faint right here and now. He looked up to me then over to Bon Jovi who smiled at him.

Are these real?” He said with shaky hands. I nodded and he squealed. I don’t think he even knew he made the sound. I laughed and smiled at him. For the next few minutes we talked to Luke and Bon Jovi. After an hour or so we had to go. We walked out of the store with the guitar and back to my car. As we approached the car I noticed someone leaning up against it. It took me a second to recognize who it was. It was none other than the boy who I hate. Josh.

‘He’s better for him’

[A/N hey guys! sorry this took a long time. Some of you know I was recently in the hospital, so that's why the slow update. Plus I wanted to finish my first one shot. So if your names Sierra and you wished to be with Liam in the band I'd go check out your one shot :D Thanks for reading! I'll try to update quicker but my arms really sore from the IV they put in me... but yea thanks!!!]

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