Speechless (Sequel to Breathless)

Niall and Liam are finally together, they finally can be the couple they want to be. They don't have to worry about Niall's insane uncle, or so they think. Little did they know someone very close to them is helping Niall's uncle. Will the boys see through their masks? Will Niall and Liam's love fail when Niall meets someone who seems to be better for him than Liam? Read and find out :)


8. Try Hard

HEY!! So like guess what? This update took me forever! but I like it! and it's longer than usual woooo! so POV changes a lot but oh well... don't hate me for the ending please?  THANK YOU!! so enjoy :)




Chapter 8

Liam is BOLD
Niall is Italic
Josh is BOTH

-Harry’s POV-

The pain in my arms were dying down, I didn’t even know they were hurting until we got here. I was just so worked up over Louis, I can’t even think of his name without my heart tugging. I just can’t believe he left me. I don’t know what I did wrong, why he left is still a mystery. I sighed and looked up at the ceiling, I tried counting the tiles. I just really wanted to go home, even if the whole house is destroyed. Zayn had walked out of the room, I don’t blame him I’m kind of boring right now. I heard a hushed whisper coming from outside, it sounded like Zayn and possibly a doctor or nurse. He’s probably asking when I can leave. I sighed and turned my head towards the door, there was a bed in front of my room, and Zayn was standing over it. He kept looking down at the non-moving person on the bed. Why does he seem like he knows the person? I sigh and try to stretch my neck to see a face. I crane my neck over and gasp at the soft fringe I see before me. No.

“Louis!!” I shout jumping out of bed ignoring the searing pain in my arms. Zayn looked up to see me barging over to him. He jumped out of the way just in time for me to drop to my knees before Louis. He was so pale, I could see a bandage over his abdomen. What happened to him? Tears were soaking down my cheeks. I sobbed into my hands at the sight before me. I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I looked up at Zayn with a choked sob. He helped me get up to my feet.

“W-what happened to him?” I sob into his shoulder. Zayn rubs my back soothingly before answering the dreadful question.

“He was shot in the stomach. The nurses have to take him into surgery now. He’s going to be okay.” Zayn soothed. I didn’t look up at him, I couldn’t tell if he was lying to me or not. To be honest I would rather he did lie if he knew Louis was lost. My shoulders slumped at the thought, I never even got to tell him I loved him. I sighed and turned my tear stained face to look at my pale husband. I sniffled and looked to the nurse.

“How are you related to him?” She asks, I sigh and decide she can’t ask further questions.

“I’m his husband.” I tell her. She purses her lips but nods for me to follow. Zayn releases me and allows me to follow her.

“Louis was shot in the abdomen, we are pretty sure he didn’t get hit in his actual stomach, because he would be dead by now if he was. We think it hit him in the hip and part of the lower intestine, we can fix that.” She says as she pulls Louis bed into a small room. I gulp, a male nurse steps in front of me.

“Sorry mate you can’t come any further, his room is 432 down the hall and to the left. You can wait there if you’d like.” He tells me on a hushed tone. I nod slowly and watch as they wheel Louis into the surgery room. I choke back a sob and make my way to his room. I sit on the hard chair by the door and try to calm myself down.

Four and a half hours later a nurse walks into the room. It’s the same female nurse from before that took Louis into the surgery room. I stood up quickly, wincing at the pain in my arms. The nurse turned around and a bed was wheeled into the room. I watched as Louis laid on the bed, much like before but now he had a little color to his cheeks. Not much, but enough to give me a spark of hope.

“He did well during surgery. The bullet shattered his hip, as I had thought. It also was lodged in his lower intestine but we stitched it up. We need to wait until he wakes up, once he does we have to be sure we did everything correctly, so he needs to go to the bathroom.” She told me, I nodded but couldn’t take my eyes off of Louis, who was motionless on the bed. The nurse left the room shortly after leaving me to watch over Louis. I walked to his bed and sat on the edge. I grabbed his hand and rubbed soothing circles over the top of it. I found myself thinking about all the times I made Louis laugh, all the times he made me laugh. It only forced more tears to burst from my eyes. The doctor hasn’t told me when or if he was going to wake up. I let my head fall as I cried, Louis body stayed stiff and lifeless. I fell asleep and stayed with him for the next day and a half, the doctor and nurses would come in every few hours and check on him. None of them would tell me when, or if, he was going to wake up soon. I was growing very impatient. I was down at the cafeteria getting myself some lunch, the lady who worked there was starting to remember me. I think that’s a bad thing. I grabbed a bowl of macaroni and a juice box, can’t go wrong with juice. I walked back to Louis room so I could eat with him. He was still lying there, like he had been the last day and a half. I sighed and walked to my uncomfortable chair. I placed the juice on the ground and began eating my macaroni. I was growing used to the silence, well not complete silence size there was an ongoing beep coming from his heart monitor. It wasn’t a bad silence, it was peaceful, but I wished it was gone. I wished Louis would wake up and speak. I don’t even care if he spoke cruelly to me, I just have to know he’s okay. If he is completely serious about leaving me, then so be it. I’ll be gone and out of his hair. As much as that would hurt, I would do it for him. I love him that much that I would let him go if that’s what he needed. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I hadn’t even noticed the loud beeping growing faster and faster. I looked up to find Louis eyes fluttering slightly. I gasped, was this him waking up or was this just a false hope. I watched and Louis arm twitched slightly. I grasped his hand, his grip tightened on me. My eyes bulged, I tried to reach for the call nurse button but his grip was holding my hand too tightly for me to move. I just sat there and watched as his eyes slowly opened. They looked unfocused, he slowly brought his eyes to me. They didn’t seem shocked or upset, which is a good sign. They seemed happy but scared, I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.

“H-Hazza?” He croaked, my eyes began to tear up. I nodded and squeezed his hand. The tears in my eyes fell down my cheeks, they weren’t sad tears but happy tears. Louis slowly brought his other hand to my face and whipped away the tears with the pad of his thumb. I smiled and leant into his hand.

“Don’t cry” He said in a hoarse voice. I chuckled a tearful laugh and smiled wider at him. He smiled back but suddenly looked serious.

“I’m so sorry Harry. I didn’t think this would happen. This wasn’t supposed to happen, I was supposed to leave you and leave you safe. But then everything got fucked up. I’m just so sorry baby. I didn’t want to hurt you.” He cried, tears springing from his eyes.

“What are you talking about Lou? I don’t understand.” I asked in confusion trying to soothe away his tears by rubbing his hand.

“I got into some trouble Harry. I didn’t know what I was dealing with. Then they threatened you and I had to do something to protect you, so I thought leaving would do it. But they got mad at me and decided they didn’t need me anymore. So they shot me.” He cried. My head was swirling, what is he talking about? He sighed, he looked like he really didn’t want to tell me anything. I decided I would give him time, he needed time to get over all of this. I released his hand, Louis whining when I did so to push the call nurse button. They need to know Louis awake.

-Liam’s POV-

It’s always sad when Niall has to go home, he doesn’t like going home. I can tell by the way he looks at me all day that he would rather just stay here with me forever. I would love him too, but he’s still 17. Maybe I can talk to Maura about it, she’s always gone so I have to find out when she’ll be home again. Niall is currently lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling. I smiled at him and crawled onto the bed. He looked over at me as I lied beside him.

Did you know you’re beautiful?” he says. A blush floods my cheeks. That’s a little random, Niall isn’t usually the one to throw out compliments like that. I blush and look down, I feel a hand grip my chin and pull my face up. I meet his bright blue eyes. My cheeks are still bright red, they feel like they’re on fire as I look into his blue eyes. He leans in slightly and closes his eyes, he presses his lips to mine. I only hesitate for a moment before I kiss him back. He pulls away all too quickly for my liking.

I love you” I said. He smiled at me and snuggled into my side. This is how I wish I could stay, I wish that I could just lay here with Niall forever and ever and not have to worry about anything. But of course, Life slaps me in the face all the time. I sigh and have to pull away from Niall, he needs to pack his bag. Sure he has a drawer here, but he still brings stuff. Niall sighs knowing what has to be done. I slowly start packing his bag for him, he never would if I didn’t pack it.

Do you need a ride home?” I ask. Sometimes his mom picks him up but usually I drive him. Might as well ask just in case.

No, Josh is picking me up” I stared at him in shock for a moment. I don’t want him knowing I don’t like him, I have no real reason to not like him. I just nodded my head and continued packing his bag. We were both not signing, I think he had a silent understanding that I didn’t like Josh that much, but I put up with him. Once all his things were in his overnight bag I crawled back up onto the bed, I don’t know when Josh is picking him up but I think I have time. I crawl up and wrap my arms around Niall, he snuggles into my side. He is so cute and snuggly all the time. One of the many reasons I fell in love with him was because of that. I looked down into his hair, his brown roots were starting to grow out. I think he looked better with some roots showing. I kissed the top of his head and leaned my cheek on it. I sighed when his phone vibrated. He pulled it out of his pocket and looked down at it. It said ‘Joshie’ I nearly puked at the stupid pet name he had for that twat. I mean… that boy… He opened the text, he doesn’t hide his phone so that makes me happy. But then again he might now know I am reading it.

From Joshie:

I’ll be over in 10 xx

Who does he think he is putting two X’s at the end of his text!? I should march right over to that twat’s house and rip his dick off! I could feed it to a tiger too! I bet he’d love that! Oh yes! I must have tightened my grip on Niall because he looked up at me with concern in his eyes. I loosened my grip and forced a smile. He didn’t look convinced, I sighed. Maybe I should just tell him how I feel? Maybe that will help my feelings.

What?” He asks innocently. I sigh and shut my eyes, I don’t know if I am ready to admit I’m Jealous of Josh. I can barely admit it to myself, rather than admit it to Niall. I gulped and opened my eyes to find his bright blue ones staring up at me.

I just… I don’t really like Josh” I say looking down once I’m done signing. I hear Niall chuckle. I look up immediately to find him smiling and smirking at me. I scrunch my eyebrows, what on earth is so funny.

So you’re saying, you’re jealous of Josh?” He asks with a smirk. I nod hesitantly, I can’t tell where he is going with this. He laughs at me and wraps his arms around my neck before kissing me hard. I was in shock at the kiss, but kissed him back with just as much force. We both pulled away breathlessly before Niall signed back to me.

I only want you Li, no one else makes me as happy as you make me. Josh is just a friend, yea he flirts with me I can tell he likes me. I’m not a natural blonde remember? But I don’t want him. Only you, forever and always.” My heart swells at his words. I don’t know what to say so I just show him. I pull him close to me and smash my lips back onto his, I feel hot tears pouring down my cheeks, wait why am I crying? I pull away and lean my forehead on his, we are both breathing hard. He smiles and pecks my lips one last time before untangling himself from me. I sigh and sit up, he has to go soon I know. Just as that though came into my mind a loud horn blared from out front. What a twat! He knows Niall can’t hear that, he’s just expecting me to tell him he’s here. How rude.

He’s here, he honked the horn” I told Niall who was still smiling at me, looking a tiny bit love drunk. He sighed and nodded, he walked over to me and kissed me before we walked out to the front door.

I love you, I’ll text you when I get home!” He said opening the front door and walking to Josh’s car. I sighed and smiled at him. I can’t tell him who he can and who he can’t hang out with. If he likes Josh as a friend who am I to get in between their friendship. They pull out of the driveway and leave me staring at the empty road. I shut the door, turn the light off and walk into the living room. Zayn is sitting on the couch flipping through the TV.

“Did Niall leave? You have that look again.” Zayn says. He stops flipping channels and looks up to me. I nod and plop down next to him.

“What do you mean ‘that look’?” I ask, he continues his channel surfing as he answers my question. Giulia walks out of his room, her hair pulled up into a messy bun. She is wearing his T-shirt and boxers. She doesn’t seem to notice me sitting there. I don’t know if I should feel uncomfortable with her standing there in Zayn’s clothes or if I should feel normal. She looks at me and smiles, well it looks like she isn’t uncomfortable with it. She walks over to Zayn and sits on his lap.

“I just mean you look sad like you always do once he leave. Hey babe, good to see you’re finally awake.” Zayn teases Giulia, he tickles her side making her laugh loudly. I stifle a chuckle at how cute they are and sigh. I guess he’s right, I get sad when Niall leaves.

“Yea, he left. I guess I’m just that easy to read I guess.” I admit. I feel a little awkward watching them be all lovey dovey so I get up and walk to my room. We only have a week left of school before Niall and I graduate. I can’t wait to graduate, I have this plan that I’m going to take Niall to Ireland for the summer, and he is always talking about how he wants to visit his brother Greg. His brother is older than us, around 30 it think so he still lives in Ireland. He didn’t move out here with Maura and Niall. I don’t blame him, except that he has no clue about Michael and his dad. So that’s going to be a shocker when he finds out. I log onto my computer, I need to start looking into hotels and flights. I don’t know how long he wants to stay, maybe two weeks. That should be long enough right? Oh who am I kidding, Niall would want to stay longer, but I don’t think I have enough money to stay any longer than that. Well I have a lot of research to do then.

-Niall’s POV (surprise!)-

I got into Josh’s car, the familiar smell of the leather stings my nose. It’s not like I don’t like the smell, but it’s a little overwhelming in a car.

Hi” I say before he pulls out of the driveway.

Hey, so I was thinking we could go get some pizza before I take you home?” He asks flashing me a smile. I sigh, I know he is trying to get me to go out with him but he knows I’m dating Liam. I don’t understand why he keeps trying so hard. I sigh, I can’t be mean though. It’s just getting pizza, it’s not like it’s a date.

Alright, but we need to be quick I have some stuff I have to do when I get home.” I say, the last parts a lie but I really don’t want to make him think I want to go out with him. He nods and changes lanes so were headed to the pizza parlor. We drive without talking since it’s a little difficult to sign and drive at the same time. He pulls into the pizza parlors parking lot and we get out. He walks beside me as we walk in, it’s slightly uncomfortable since he keeps inching closer and closer to me. He makes our hands brush together. I flinch away and shove my hands in my pockets. Josh really needs to learn about personal space. We walked up to the counter and Josh ordered for us, he always seems to know how to read peoples lips without hesitation. I wish I could do that. We went and sat at a booth. I sat on one side him on the other. I could feel the awkward tension between us, he wants to make this more than it is. He smiles at me and I try to smile back but it’s forced and obvious.

So what are you doing after graduation?” Well that’s a normal question, thank the lord he isn’t trying to make this into a date. Well at least it seems like it.

I don’t know, I was hoping to spend most of my summer with Liam. I want to go to Ireland for a week or so to visit my brother, but I don’t see that happening.” I say. I try to keep the conversation light, I don’t want him getting any wrong ideas about our friendship. I find it adorable that Liam is jealous, but I don’t want him to have any real reason for him to be jealous.

Why don’t you see that happening?” He asks seeming genuinely interested in my summer plans. I sigh and think about my answer.

Mostly money, but I don’t think Liam would want to go with me and I don’t think I could go a week or so without him. As cliché as that sounds” I admit with a smile. A woman walks to our table and drops off the pizza. I smile at the large pepperoni in front of me. I reach for a piece at the same time Josh does. Of course we both reached for the same piece too. I retract my hand and allow him to take the piece. I reach for another and take a huge bite out of it. We eat our pizza without talking. Once we have both finished the pizza we get up and leave the place.

Niall, I think it’s time I was honest with you.” Josh says stopping me before I could get to the car. I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion, I really hope he isn’t planning on telling me he loves me or something because I would hate to break his heart but I love Liam.

Okay?” I ask hesitantly. He smirks at me and brings his two fingers to his lips. I can’t hear what sound he made but I think he whistled. Three large men walk out of a black car parked two spaced down from us. They walk closer to me and surround me, what is going on?        

You see Niall, I’m not deaf. I have been faking so that I could get closer to you. I’m actually related to you, which is a little weird since I was flirting with you. I’m your cousin, Michael’s son. And my dad sent me on a mission, a mission he thought I would never be able to complete. Now it’s my turn to show him who’s wrong.” Josh says with a smirk. My head is swirling with all the new information. Is he joking? Is this some fucked up joke he is playing on me because this isn’t funny at all. I feel a large hand clamp around my arm, I jerk away but get pushed against Josh’s car. The three men surround me, one of them shoves a bag over my head while the others tie my hands. Next thing I know I’m being thrown into the back of what I’m guessing is Josh’s car. I feel the whole car shake, that must be then closing the door. I have no way to escape, there’s no way out of this. I feel tears brimming to my eyes, I shake and cry in the back of Josh’s car. I don’t know what to do, at least I told Liam I loved him one last time.


OKAY SO on a more personal note... I AM LIKE FREAKING OUT!! the concert is in 17 days, yeah I know that seems like a long time but its really not!!! I am fangirling and freaking out over everything! I keep watching all the boys x-factor stuff and some of these covers they did that I didn't know about... so like if you don't know they did a cover to the song Wonderwall by Oasis and its pure sex.  they also did a over to I'm Yours. SO GO CHECK THEM OUT!! I'm just going to go curl up in a corner and fangirl some more about the concert I will be going to... oh and if you're going to the same concert let me know! it would be awesome to meet some of my readers :D

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