Speechless (Sequel to Breathless)

Niall and Liam are finally together, they finally can be the couple they want to be. They don't have to worry about Niall's insane uncle, or so they think. Little did they know someone very close to them is helping Niall's uncle. Will the boys see through their masks? Will Niall and Liam's love fail when Niall meets someone who seems to be better for him than Liam? Read and find out :)


19. True Love

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Chapter 18


-Niall’s POV-


The next week and a half was spent looking at the flat Liam was purchasing and packing. Liam started school in a month and he wanted to get there early so he could show me around. I insisted that it was fine and I didn’t need it, but he wouldn’t have it. I just am going to let him do as he wished. I have talked to Bobby-my dad- and he is allowing me to go, on one condition. I pursue something with music. I don’t think I can do it, I have been deaf my entire pre-teen and teenage life. How am I supposed to be any good in music when I haven’t been able to hear it for so many years? Sure, I can play piano and I dabble a little on the guitar, but I am in no way good enough to have a career in music. But, I want to go with Liam, I want to live with him and learn everything over again with him. With my hearing back I want to start fresh. Not completely fresh, but fresh enough to learn new things and maybe have a normal life, just this once.


I find myself still using sign language when I speak. I say the words but my hands start to move and form the signed words as well. Liam tells me it’s cute but I know I look really stupid when I do it. I haven’t run into any issues communicating with people. Some words are difficult to say but I blame it on the accent.


Accents, speaking of accents Liam has the most beautiful one yet. He blushes every time I bring it up, but I think it’s beautiful. He won’t admit it, but I know he likes when I compliment him especially on any sounds he makes. Well that sounds dirty… but you know what I mean. I hope.


I walked into Liam-and I guess mines- old room. All the walls were stripped of their old posters of rock bands and what not. His dresser was bare, all the pictures he had on it gone and packed away. His book shelf that held more books than I could ever think of reading was bare as well. The memories of the times I spent with him in this very room come flooding into my mind. I smiled as I looked at the swirly chair that was still left in front of his desk. We have had many a make out session on that very swirly chair, don’t tell Zayn I think he’s getting it. I sighed as I thought about it then I heard footsteps. I still got a weird giddy feeling whenever I heard a noise. I think it’s because I know whose noise it is now. Liam.


“Everything’s packed in the moving van, the movers are going to meet us there. You ready babe?” Liam asked. I turned to see him wiping some sweat off his brow. I smiled and nodded walking closer to him eyeing his white V-neck T-shirt and dark jeans. He looked so sexy today. He reached out and grabbed my hand in his and we walked back out to the living room. Zayn, Giulia, Harry, Louis, and Mr. Malik were all standing there. They smiled at us as we walked out of the room.


“I’m going to miss you guys so much!” Giulia cried, happy tears rolling down her cheeks. I smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. I haven’t ever gotten to have a real conversation with her until this week. But somehow I knew she would be just as sweet and caring as I had imagined. She has helped us through everything, whether she had to or not. She did it out of the kindness of her heart. I am eternally grateful.


“We will visit I promise. Harry, Lou, are you still coming with us to unpack?” Liam asked looking to Harry and Louis. They nodded.


I’m not mad at them anymore. I thought about if I should be and my logical mind told me I should, but my heart said to forgive. I need to forgive them, especially Liam. They have all sacrificed and done so much to help me these past months and I owe it to them to just forgive them of mistakes no matter how much I hurt. I know Liam will stay true to me no matter what. He loves me and I know it. I haven’t dared asked him how far he went with Louis, part of me wants to know but another doesn’t. I think I would rather not know so I don’t have to think about it.


“Great, let’s get going then Love.” Liam smiled down at me. We all walked out to the front of the house. A giant orange and white U-Haul was sitting out front with three movers in the front seat waiting for us to let them know we are ready to go. Liam had them pack everything from my house this morning and after they came here. I had most of my stuff here at Liam’s though so it made it a lot easier. Liam led us to his car and Louis and Harry got into there’s. We have a long drive ahead of us.




2 Hours and 30 Minutes later…..


“Ni, Niall, Baby, Get up Love.” Liam’s deep voice calls. My eyes flutter open to find I’m still in the car but we are no longer moving. I look out the front window to see we are at the new flat. It’s a giant apartment complex that’s right next to the school. They use it as some of the dorms also, so we got a discount since Liam is going to school there. We get out of the car and walk up to the sliding glass door that leads into the lobby of the apartments. The moving van is already here and are starting to unpack the back of the truck. Liam and I walk into the lobby and go to the elevator. Liam knows where to go, I have no idea so I just follow him. We walk into the elevator and he pushes a number 4.


“4th floor?” I ask he nods and squeezes my hand. He looks so excited, he has been telling me about the flat for the past few weeks and I know he can hardly wait to show me what it looks like. He hasn’t even described it to me, he wanted it to be a complete surprise. I could hear the faint elevator music as we went up to the 4th floor.


“I hope you like it, I picked it out and thought you would really love it even if you didn’t decide to move in.” He admitted. I smiled and brought his hand that was in mine up to my lips kissing it lightly.


“Thank you Li.” I say. He keeps grinning and the door opens to a long corridor going left and right. He tugs me along up to the right and we stop 6 doors down from the elevator. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his keys. He looks so cute as he fumbles with the key and opens the door. He walks in and I follow in after him. My eyes widen as I take in the room.


It’s a four room flat. There’s the living room that’s not all that big but big enough for two. Then beside that is the kitchen that spills into the living room a bit but it’s not that noticeable. Then when you walk further into the living room there’s the bedroom. Liam lets me explore each room as I walk around. I have to admit the bedroom is my favorite. No, not for those dirty reasons that are floating through your minds right now. I haven’t even done that with Liam yet, we’re waiting… for the perfect time. But I love this room because of the window. It’s a window with a large bench under it so you can sit and look out. I turned and Liam was standing in the doorway watching me look around.


“This is perfect.” I whisper. He smiles, I walk over to him and pull him into a tight hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his head down for a long kiss. The kiss is full of passion. We haven’t shared a kiss like this in a long time. His tongue swipes along my bottom lip asking for entrance. I give it to him immediately. He smirks as our tongues fight for dominance. I can feel his hands running down my sides until he reaches my hips. He pulls me flush against him. I missed this. I missed the feeling of being in his strong arms. This is the feeling I want to feel when I’m with him.


“Alright love birds save that for when we’re not here.” Harry said walking into the bedroom with a giant box. We broke away and I blushed, woops…


“Sorry Haz, got a little carried away there.” Liam chuckled. Harry laughed and rolled his eyes placing the box on the floor and leaving to get a few more. Well now we just unpack, this is going to be fun…


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