Speechless (Sequel to Breathless)

Niall and Liam are finally together, they finally can be the couple they want to be. They don't have to worry about Niall's insane uncle, or so they think. Little did they know someone very close to them is helping Niall's uncle. Will the boys see through their masks? Will Niall and Liam's love fail when Niall meets someone who seems to be better for him than Liam? Read and find out :)


3. Pretend It's OK

Chapter 3

Liam is BOLD
Niall is Italic
Josh is BOTH

-Zayn’s POV-

I have been dancing all night with Giulia. She is so amazing not to mention a really good dancer. I looked at the large clock on the gym wall. It was almost 11. I sighed and realized the dance was already over, at least I had fun. I need to go and find Liam and Niall, unless they already went home, I think Liam was planning something tonight… But I really don’t know. I took Giulia’s hand and lead her over to the tables where the foods at. I picked us a table and had her sit down, I excused myself so I could go and fetch us some drinks. While I was getting the drinks I searched for Liam and Niall. I looked at the tables, nope not there. I looked at the dance floor, the song was some rap song that I could give less than a flying cat on. I looked at each head looking for the blonde Irish boy, he was the easiest to find for some reason. My eyes fell on a shorter blonde lad who was struggling to get away from someone. I couldn’t really see who it was but I could tell the blonde was Niall. The boy he was trying to escape from had short brown hair, at first I thought it was Liam, but then I looked more carefully. The brown haired boy was too short to be Liam. Realization hit me, if that’s not Liam… then who is Niall dancing with? I set the drinks back down on the bar and walked straight over to Niall who was in the middle of pushing the brown haired boy’s arms away from his waist. At least Niall was trying to make him stop. I walked up to them and tapped Niall on the shoulder who turned and looked at me with a pained expression.

“Are you okay Niall?” I ask trying to talk slow enough for him to understand me. His eyes widened in fear. I took that as a sign of no. I looked back at the boy who was trying to force Niall to grind on him. He had a smirk playing across his lips, I could tell this clown was a cocky bastard. I cleared my throat and glared at him I was about to open my mouth when the boy signed to Niall, I have no idea what they were talking about since I don’t know sign language. Niall turned to me and spoke, he seems more comfortable using sign but he isn’t afraid to speak to me.

“This is Josh, He is also deaf.” He said slightly louder than a person who can hear would speak in. I felt a little embarrassed for trying to speak to a deaf person, but he probably know how to read lips like Niall.

“Can he read lips?” I asked slowly. Niall shook his head no. I groaned, of course he can’t. I sighed and nodded. The boys started speaking in sign again leaving me out of their conversation. I kind of wish I knew sign now, then I would know what they were talking about. I also would be able to scream at this arse for forcing Niall to dance with him.

“Where’s Liam?” I ask after I tap Niall on the shoulder so he is looking at me as I speak to him. I see his face fall before he sighs. He looks down at the floor, he seems ashamed and sad. But why would he be ashamed or sad? Did he try to piss off Liam? Did he want to dance with Josh rather than Liam?

“Last I saw him was at the tables.” He says looking behind me. I nod and turn where he had looked, Liam wasn’t sitting there. But where could he be? He wouldn’t just leave would he? He wouldn’t do that to Niall. I mean it was obvious Niall was trying to get Josh to stop dancing with him. I grabbed Niall by the wrist and tugged him with me, I need him to find Liam. It’s not like him to just leave. I turned around and noticed Josh had followed us, I sighed but ignored it. We walked all around the gym but couldn’t find him. I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out

From Baby<3
what happened to getting drinks? xx Giulia

Shit! I forgot about Giulia! I groaned and looked around for that table I had left her at. She was still sitting there looking around. I felt guilt looking at the girl sitting alone at the table, she looked so bored. I pulled Niall with me up to Giulia. She looked up at me and smiled. At least she doesn’t look mad at me.

“I’m sorry baby, I needed to help Niall find Liam. We can’t seem to find him.” I say with a sad smile. Her eyes widened.

“I just saw him walk out to the parking lot.” She says pointing to the front door. I groaned, shit he did leave.

“Thanks babe, come with us?” I asked, I didn’t really want to just leave her here. She nodded and got up, grabbing her purse before we ran out the door. I looked down the street, I could see a tallish man sitting at a bus stop. Buses don’t run this late, I wonder if he knows that. I walk around the parking lot, I don’t see Liam. I sigh and walk to my car, my car is parked almost next to the bus stop. When I get closer to it I can actually see who is sitting there. It’s Liam. My face changes to shock, I would think he would have left. I guess he learned from his mistake last time when he left us. I wandered over to him, I could hear someone running up behind me. I reached Liam first, it was dark out but the street lamp above us provided enough light for me to see the tear stains running down his cheeks. I sit down beside him, when I look up Niall is standing in front of us, he looks so sad. I looked behind him, Giulia was holding josh by the shirt. I mouth a ‘Thank You’ to her. She nods and gives me a small smile. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend, she always seems to know what to do and she can read my mind at times. I love her to death. I turn back and Liam and Niall are signing back and forth, well this is awkward, I have no idea what they are even talking about. I just sit there and wait, they seem to be arguing. Poor guys.

-Liam’s POV-

I sat down on the bench at the bus stop, I might as well just wait for the dance to be over. I can’t leave Niall again, that would crush him. No matter how upset I am at him I can’t do that to him. I love him, I don’t ever want to be the reason he is hurt. I sit down and feel myself crying, the image of Niall grinding up on Josh keeps replaying in my head. I can’t get it out no matter what I do. It makes my heart hurt every time it replays. I sit on the bench and lean my face in my hands. I sob and try to pull myself together. After a few minutes I stop crying as hard. I head footsteps coming closer to me. I don’t look up, I honestly don’t care who it is. It could be a serial killer and I wouldn’t care. I feel someone sitting next to me, I still don’t look up. The only time I look up is when I see feet in front of me. I would know those feet anywhere. He is wearing my dress shoes since he couldn’t go out and buy any in time. Niall was standing in front of me. I look up to see worry in his eyes. Why would he be worried about me? He seemed to be having plenty of fun without me.

Liam I was so worried! Why did you leave the gym?” He asks. I bite my lip, is he really that oblivious to what he was doing? I don’t want to be mean and get mad at him, but I can’t help it! What he did just makes me so mad!

I don’t want to sit and watch my boyfriend grinding up on some other guy.” I say a little harsher than I meant. I watch as Niall’s face falls. I can see how much I hurt him just by saying that. I feel a little bad.

I tried to get him to stop but he wouldn’t! He held me there. Zayn had to come and make him stop Liam I swear to you!” Tears were brimming in his eyes, I knew he was telling the truth then, why would he lie to me anyways? I sigh and look at my shoes.

I believe you. Let’s just go home. It’s been a long night.” I get up and grab Niall’s hand. IT sends jolts up my arm from the touch. He entwines our fingers as we walk back over to where Giulia is. She is holding Josh by the shirt and he looks pissed. He shakes her off of him and storms off over to a car. I can see the faint outline of a man and woman sitting in the front seat. I shake off the weird feelings I am getting from the car. I walk with Niall over to where Zayn’s car is. I open the door for Niall and he crawls in. He leans on me the entire way back to our house. Zayn drops Giulia off at her house giving her a sweet kiss goodnight before we get back to the house. Niall and I tell Zayn goodnight before we crawl into my bed. I snuggle up to him and inhale the sweet smell of Niall. I fall asleep holding the boy I love more than anything in the world.

-Third Person POV-

“Why did you let him get away?!” The man asks the younger boy.

“He wouldn’t come, I tried my hardest dad I swear!” The boy says scared his father would hit him for not completing the task.

“Calm down, we still have another chance coming up. But this time the boy better do it.” The woman said with an evil smirk playing across her red lips. She leans over and kisses the older man square on the lips.

“I promise I will do better dad. I will get Niall. I will get him just for you. I won’t let him get away with making a fool out of my father ever again.” The boy says before laughing maniacally. All three of them sit in their car and laugh together before driving away and back to their small house. Little did they know someone was watching there little chat.

[A/N sorry it's short. It's like 100 degrees here in California right now so like I dread logging onto the computer because it just makes me hot. BUT I got the chapter done! If the ending confuses you i'm sorry... I will try to explain it but it's pretty much the whole plot of the book soo like... I don't want to give it away BUT comments are loved so comment and thanks for reading!!! love you all!!]

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