In Love With a Guy

This is based in a true story, to clarify:
I'm a guy
Now some things you need to know:
If you are homofobic or you hate homosexual stuff, DON'T READ THIS
No insults or I erase your comment, I repeat if you don't like this kind of stuff DON'T READ IT!
Now, if you like this type of things, Enjoy :3
The featuring people's names of this story are modified for their identity to stay safe and for the mantaining my anonymous state
Enjoy the story


1. That Guy.....

Well, after rough and painful"bullying-filled" school years, I decided to be transfered to a new school. Many people I hated , many people that won't care if I left or not, many stupid people who just treated me like sh*t were left behind. I was happy, new school, new people, bassicly new life. I would correct my mistakes and stop being treated like sh*t. 

That first day.....was day to remember...

I was happily walking to my class, when my head moved to that side and there was a guy, I looked at the floor, like I was looking before, but I needed to look again at him , and I did...


-Blond Hair


-Green eyes

I started trembling, I just kept looking at him and tremble more and more. Then, the bell rang..

"F*CK! My class is a little far and I can't arrive late!" I whispered to my self and ran to the class. I arrived late. That was such a humilliation, every one in its seat and the teacher presenting itself, and there was me blowing faster than te normal and sweating in the door. Everybody looked at me and I could just stay there being humilliated.

-"You should know the class started five minutes ago"- said the teacher-

- *I take a breath* "I-I'm sorry, i-it won't happen again"- say while taking big breaths

-"Sit and don't interrupt my class"-said the teacher with an angry voice 

-"Y-yes, sorry"- I said in a low voice

-"So as I was saying....."

That guy......He was.....handsome....

*My heart was starting to get an acelerated beat*

He's eyes....that smile....he was just...perfect

He's blond hair....its like...its like...its just...I can't describe it!

I could see that smile for a thousand of years and I won't get bored....Its just prefect...That face....he is so cute...

That day I was just thinking of him, I couldn't stop starring at him. I just wanted to hug him and say "I love you". I needed him.... I couldn't get him out off my head. I wanted to go and talk to him but....I couldn't....he was in last year and I couldn't just get to talk to him....besides, his friends....I was afraid of them. They laughed and talked with him, but I was afraid of them....

That day when I arrived home I told a friend everything, and she asked me: "What's he's name?"

"What's he's name?"

"What's he's name?"

"What's he's name?"

That question just repeated and repeated in my head....

I just started to go and think names, names, names and more names

So there was me: Sitting in my bed with my commputer and a Facebook tab opened, chatting with my friend and trying to put him a name. We where thinking and thinking and thinking.

No results

I decided to call him: "That guy"

REALLY original, but my mind was blocked with so much to think about him....

That guy....

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