One Love

josie has to live with one direction for a year while her dad is away on a trip but thing go wrong


4. paint ball war

  (Josie pov) once everyone was up we were deciding what  we should do today. "what about a movie?" Niall asked no we all said at the same time. "what about paint ball" i said they all looked at me. "paintball!"said harry "yeah paintball" i said in a confused way.THey all looked at each other and smirked ( 1 hour later) When we got there we paid and got our gear and walked out to the field,this is going to be a paintball war  thought to myself "I want to be on josie team!" zayn yelled "i don't want a team" i said  they all looked at me with a shocked face "what?!?' i said "no teams?" said louis "yeah no teams' that then when the bell rang and we all ran off different directions. I ran into the woods that they have i tried to find a tree i could hide in or on top where no one could see me. i found one and went in there was a hole big enough for me too see and shoot out of and now all i have to do is just sit here and see if anyone comes by a little later i heard footsteps crunching in the dry leaves they got louder it was harry he already was covered in paint he got closer but he didn't see me he got closer and i sneezed   he stopped and looked around i shot him and he just stood there looking around and i shout in a few more time before he ran away (skipping the rest of the paint ball war)

(nialls pov ) the bell rang and we all went  to the middle all of us where covered with paint except Josie she was all clean  but only hit once  she hit us all shocker, how are you not like us harry stared "i'm just too good at this not to be rude but you guys suck at this" josie stated "your a 13 year old sharpshooter!" liam said.   

later that day...

       Hey Josie some one is here for you yelled Niall. i walked down stairs and guess who was there josh my boyfriend. Hey ryan i said as i ran up to him and give him a hug i haven't seen him in a while.

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