Poetic Ability

It is most of my poems, most are life experencies. Right now I got writers block so I am not writing a story.. This is my first Movella so please... no hating!


1. One Cut (my fave)

One Cut. That's it, That's all

One Cut. WIll make you feel Stress-free


One Cut that's all it takes.

One Cut is such a big  mistake.


One Cut wont hurt I swear

One Slit on your arm right there


I dont know why I did it- I guess it

seemed like the right thing to do


So I started to cut myself

I told myself it won't do no harm


But then one day he walked in

"What are you doing? Why did you do it?"


These are the questions he had asked

Ad all the memories rushed through my head


They got help and now They're better


One cut thats it thats all i said


You can wound up dead

I know one cut is all it takes

One cut is such a big mistake!



Author's note-

*I wrote this poem for some friends. They are better now.. no need to worry!*

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