Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


7. Chapter 7

"What did Darcy just called me?" Harry gave me a strange look and a hint of unsureness to it too. "Oh um.." I look around and tried to think of an excuse, "I really have no idea." Harry stammers at his words,


"Bu ... But she just called me-" 


"Oh look the nurse is here! I guess I'll wait for you outside, see you later!" My legs drag me out the room as fast as it can and sat me down on a chair near to Harry's room. That Darcy ... wait til I get my hands on that little child. And here I am, thinking that the boy's are the one's who doesn't listen to their parents. 




After 2 hours later, the nurses and doctors finally came out. The nurses and doctors departed in their separate ways but Harry's real doctor came towards me to give me extra information of how Harry was doing, "Well, Harry's leg is healing quite extraordinarily fast but his arms are still fragile. His memories are coming quite well. Have you been informing him lately? About his life and everything?" I nodded as the doctor continues to speak, "Harry will be perfectly fine in a couple of days but his memories is something I am not sure about. All depends on you guys but I feel like Harry knows he had lost his memories and want to regain them again." I didn't know what to say but instead I stay silent. "Well, I wish you good luck. It's best if you don't interrupt him. He is sleeping at the moment but I believe you haven't ate yet. We have a food court downstairs and don't worry, they're not as disgusting as they look." He winks and left to check on his next patient. 


I wonder around the hospital after eating those foods. The doc was actually right. It wasn't as bad as it looks like. It felt like forever since I've saw the outside world ever since the concert and staying in that tour bus for nearly 2 months. I breath in the good smell of nature and allow my body to absorb the sunlight into me. Walking around, there was a garden full of butterflies and beautiful flowers rooting up to see the world. There were many sick people here and since there is nothing to do, I might as well talk to them.


I happen to see a sweet lady, clutching onto a book and so I decided to stroll over to her and greeted her shyly. "Um, hello there how are you?" I squatted to be the same eye level as her and a flush of a huge smile appear on her face, "Why, hello dear. I am fairly well, how about you?" "I am fine. Would you like me to accompany you on such a fine day?" These words seems to enlightened this sweet, old lady as she agrees to the offer. As I push her on her wheelchair, we seem to be talking non-stop. We didn't care who was around us but it was only us talking and who knew we'd be talking nonstop. I spotted a tree down by the river, accompany with a bench so I decided to sit there. "You are such a lovely girl." Her hand was place on top of mine and smile genuinely. In return, I smile and said "Thank you". I couldn't help but noticed that book she was holding, "Um, may I ask what book are you holding?" I saw her arms tremble as she took the book away from her chest and show it to me clearly; it was a Cinderella story.


"You like Cinderella?" I ask as I slowly took the book away from her to give an examination.


"I love her so much as a child! I would read this book over and over again. Would you mind reading it to me? My visions are very terrible." I look at her deeply and noticed she isn't staring at me but staring absentmindedly. "I will love to read this book to you." I open the book and slowly, I flip the page and began reading.


Harry's POV:


The doctor told me to sleep but how can I possibly sleep with what had just happened 2 hours ago when Darcy said goodbye to me. The words echo through my head which made me even more frustrated with bringing these memories back. I ruffle through my curls as I wheel into the garden on my wheel chair. And the fact that I can't get Kayle off of my mind is bothering me a lot. Why can't I stop thinking about her and why do I feel like my stomach is being kicked by butterflies? But the real question is, what is this feeling I am experiencing? And why do I get the feeling that I know her from somewhere? 


As I wheel, I think and think and think; trying so hard to regain these memories back. Not noticing anything but my thoughts, I had spotted Kayle siting at a bench, reading a book with an old lady. I couldn't help it but steer over to them and listen to what they were talking about.


Kayle's POV:


As my very last word was spoken from the book, I gently close the book to see the old lady tearing up. "Thank you so much." I couldn't help it but wrap my arms around her, giving her a warming hug. 


"Anytime." I smile, showing my full teeth, my eyes crinkled from smiling too much.


"Any guy would be lucky to marry you." My heart flutters from the thought of Harry. But the fact that he doesn't remember me... is the marriage still going on or is it off?


"Yeah... well I'm engaged but the problem is... he lost his memories in a car accident and I-" my voice broke off as it was crackle from the burning feeling on my throat. "Tell me about him." She had found her way to find my hands and gently gave it a squeeze. At first I wanted to refuse but yet my heart tells me that I should pour everything out about how I feel about Harry, "He's amazingly beautiful. I love every single piece of him - his gorgeous eyes that reminds me of an emerald  being shown off at a jewelry store, only the light beams on them. And that smile, oh that beautiful smile of his. His pure, red lips that you could do so much with them. His famous dimple being shown on his left cheek, so irresistible. His curls, sticking out and in the morning, it sticks everywhere and you can't help it but to laugh at them. Then, his voice. So deep, raspy, and hoarse. Just imagine how his voice sounds like in the morning, oh my. I would listen to him talk all day without being bored half to death. The way he knows how to charm a girl and making her cells screaming his name. Not that kind of way.." I chuckle and let out a deep breath and continue on, "He's so funny, amazing, and loving. Not just that but he's sometimes weird! Whenever he's in the kitchen, he'll be sweeping while dancing to it and making weird faces to it! It's so hysterical but so adorable. He has a bad boy kind of look but when you really know him, he's so adorable and sweet that you just want to squeeze him up. Then, when his heart really knows how they feel about a certain person ... he'll go all out and do whatever it takes to make them know how his heart feel about them...." I stare at my ring as a single drop of tears ran down my burning cheeks.


"You must really love him huh?" She ask quietly.


I nodded and just then I heard the same raspy voice I've been dying to hear, "Kayle, I know who you are. You're Kayle Styles; the girl my heart decided to go all out on. The girl I've asked the angels every night to watch over you but comes back later saying they don't watch over another angel.

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