Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


6. Chapter 6

The sun rays were beaming through the curtains. I haven't realize I had passed out by Harry's side; my back was aching with pain. Squinting, my vision was a blur. I look to see Niall still sleeping but turning my head I saw Harry, wide awake. "Hello." Harry casually greeted me but I sense that he doesn't recognize me. "Hello Harry. How are you feeling?" I observe him perfectly as the sunlight was still beaming at him. His curls were sticking all over the place, pure red lips, and his emerald eyes were shinning brightly.


"Erm ... I feel fine. Are you the nurse?" I stayed silent and had the urge to cry. 'No, no don't cry.' I hold back my tears and smiled at him. "Are you okay? You seem pale." His long arm stretches out to feel the coldness of my cheeks. "You're cold." Although he lost his memories, he is still the sweet, cheesy guy I know. Slowly getting up, he drag his feet across the floor to get a blanket. He comes back and put the blanket around me and sat by my side. "Thanks." I smile and enjoy the transfer of warmness from the blanket to me. "No problem. Are you hungry?" He smiles cheekily, but not deep enough for his dimple to be formed. "No, I'm fine. Um, Harry? Do you remember me? Or remember anything at all?" He widens his eyes and shook his head, "No? Is that my name? Harry? Well my parents could have named me a better name." We both laugh heartily. The fact that this moment we are sharing right now is sweet, he totally forgotten about me. "Well your name is Harry Edward Styles and you were born at Holmes Chapel, UK."


"Really?" He sat up straight properly and hold my hands, "Tell me more." I feel like he knows he lost his memories and try his best to act cooly. "You were born on February 1, 1994 to Anne Cox and Des Styles but your father passed away..." my voice trails off and he grips onto my hand tighter, "Oh.. you sure do know a lot about me huh?" I nodded and smile genuinely, "At age 16, you perform at the X-Factor and went on to the next round. There, you met 4 guys who instantly became your best friend. You guys were formed together as one huge boy band name One Direction. Girls all over the world are in love with you guys and your music!" Thinking back those times when I was one of the girls who watch their video diaries and stalk them as much as I can, made my heart flutters. "Really? I would love to listen to One Direction." I pull out my phone and text Liam, 'Before you leave, bring all of your albums.' I continue to inform Harry, "You are such the most sweetest, cheesiest person ever. You know how to make a girl blush deeply and her stomach kicking with butterflies..." I teased him and he chuckles deeply, "But to your friends, you are crazy, funny, weird, and cool. Whenever you're with your friends, you fool around with them a lot. Especially Louis Tomlinson. You two are the bestest bud's ever." I stare directly into his eyes and ask him, "Would you like to know your love life?" He widens his eyes with a surprise look,


"There's someone I am with?" I nodded quietly and stare at the ring he proposed me with. "Unless you want to finish off today and listen more tomorrow?" "Yeah, I think it's best if we stop for today." He turns around and pointed at Niall, "Who's that?" I smile at Niall who was still sleeping. "That, is one of your best buds and is in the same band as you. His name is Niall Horan." He turns towards me, "Tell me about him." "Well, his name is Niall James Horan. He is the only Irish person in your band and he was born on September 13, 1993. He is so funny, loving, and have an amazing laugh. His hugs are something you would like to have because he dugs into your neck as he wraps around you tightly; you can feel his hot breath breathing on to you. He has an innocent face and whenever his friends are down, he's always be there for you to cheer you up." "Seems like you love him." An outburst in my heart occur. I don't understand why my heart was racing, "Oh no no no no. I already have someone else." "Really? Who would be the lucky guy who is with or I see, engaged, to you? Oh that's right, you haven't introduce yourself to me." I laugh and smile at him with glee,


"My name is Kayle." He stares at me with an unsure look, "Kayle? What's your last name?" "Just Kayle. You'll know my last name soon. Just not now."Just then, the door was knocked and in came the boys and the little kids. "Harry!!" Everybody all huddled over Harry and gave him a huge hug. "Haha although I forgot you guys, thanks." He smiles at all of them and stares at the little kids, "And who might you guys be?" He smiles and gave them a high five. "Don't you remember us?" My brain shock me and with a swift movement I took the kids outside, "Kids, your daddy forgot his memories so he forgot who we are. It's best if you don't tell him. I'll tell him tomorrow." the kids nodded slightly but I had a feeling Darcy didn't understand a single thing I had said. I hold onto their hands, one on each side, and entered the room to see the boys talking like nothing happened to Harry. I saw Niall was awake and greeted Harry with happiness. "Welcome back Kayle." Harry smiles. He ignored the boys and greeted me. I saw his eyes were like dancing in the sun. "Hey Liam, did you brought the CD's?" I turn towards Liam. "Oh that's right!" he swiftly took the album out of his back pocket and put it into the laptop he had brought. We sat quietly around Harry and listened to the music. "Wow you guys are amazing." As the album's were all played. "You mean, us? Which includes you too." Louis smiles at Harry and pat his back. "Haha yeah us." They stare into each other's eyes deeply and laugh together. "I think ... I think I am starting to remember you guys." All of ours faces lighten and cheer. The nurse came in and seriously said, "I'm sorry but we'll need to take Harry away from you guys to check up on him. He needs to rest afterwards so it'll be nice if you all leave. Only 1 person can stay." They all knew I was the person who has to stay and so they all left saying their goodbye's to Harry and me.


We all wave at them but then without any warning, Darcy wave and scream, "Goodbye daddy!"

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