Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


3. Chapter 3

"Show begins in 5 minutes." The producer scream and hurried off to find someone. "You ready?" I massaged Harry's shoulder to release the tension of his muscles. "Yeah of course love." "Mmm doesn't sound like you're ready. You can do it Harry. No pressure. There are just 6 times the amount of people you normally perform to." He stares at me with a dull face. "Jeez Kayle. Thanks for reminding me that." I playfully peck him on the cheek and wrap my arms around him and stare at the reflection of ourselves. "You got this." He smiles deeply, and his eyes dancing playfully. The producer screams that it was time to go. "Go. I'll wake the kids up later so they can watch their daddy perform." "Alright. Love you." He gave me a quick kiss and went off to perform for his dedicated fans. I slowly peep to Edward and Darcy and silently whisper, "Wake up kids. Time to watch daddy perform." They woke up instantly and ran to watch their dad perform. 


Thousands and thousands of fans were screaming for them. Ah memories. I remember when I was one of them; hoping for one of them to fall in love with me, buying tickets to all of one direction's concerts, fangirling over them and stalking them. But here I am, an engaged woman to Harry Styles. "Look guys, daddy is waving at you." Darcy and Edward started jumping up and down, saying hi. Harry, being a jokester, started jumping up and down like a monkey. "I like to dedicate this song to my own family, my family, so lets give it a round of applause for the twins, Darcy and Edward. They ran to Harry's open arms as he strongly lift them up and told them something I couldn't make out. He puts them down and gave Darcy a basket, having them run towards me. Edward small hands grabs mine and guide me towards the stage. Darcy threw flowers out of the basket to the floor as we walk towards Harry. Thousands of aw's bounce off the walls causing me to tear up. "And here is my lovely bride." His arm reaches out and I genuinely took hold of his arm as we link our arms together. "Sit, and enjoy this song." Gentle music plays and a harmony from the boys filled the air. It was all too lovely, I don't want this to all end.


I felt tears coming up and Darcy and Edward was fast asleep. I don't know how they are able to fall asleep again from the loud, screaming fans. They have a thing when the boys sing, they fall asleep instantly. I sat there, tearing up as the fans are also tearing up. "I love you Kayle Styles and I don't want anything to tear us apart." My heart flutters and without thinking, I took his microphone and said, "I love you too Harry Edward Styles. And nothing will tear us apart. Not even Hercules." So many aw's were made. I will never forget this night either.


"Harry, you know you didn't have to do it." Niall bellowed. "But I wanted to do it." "Its not Harry and One Direction. Its One Direction." Niall growls deeply, his muscle tensing. I can see his knucles turning purely white. "Why are you giving me attitude?" Harry face tensed and grab onto Niall's wrist. "Let me go." "No, I won't. Why are you being such a dick, Niall? Are you mad at me for stealing your girl?" Shock ran through my body. "You stole Kayle away from Niall?" Liam barge in the situation. "Well not really. Kayle lov-" Harry sentence was interuppted by Liam's raised voice "But you knew that Niall likes Kayle." Harry stood there speechless. "Enough guys." I took Harry's hand and drag him away from all the problem. "Harry, you knew that Niall likes me?" "But he knew that I like you too!" Harry's voice was also raised. "Look at me, Harry. If Niall was really your friend, you wouldn't have done that." Harry gave me a look. A look I had never seen such a scary face expression before. "So you're on Niall's side huh? Not your fiance's?" My face was stone and I could have sworn I felt a sudden explosion in my heart. My wall of tears had been broken down and I felt my face had gone pale. "Harry, you should know full well that I love you but -" My sentence was broke again but it was broke by something that also broke my heart:


"You do know that we could cancel this engagment right?"



Yikes! What will happen next in chapter 4?? 

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