Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


14. Chapter 14

"Kayle! Wake up! C'mon baby, please don't die on me!" Tears started swelling on my eyes. Her very last breath was, "I love you Harry..." Death will not marry Kayle - she is mine. Her chest stops breathing and her skin slowly becomes cold. I no longer felt her warmth or those red lips and her skin so flush. Now everything is cold, pale. I look up to see the shooter running away far from us. Slowly, people began to surround us. "Please! Someone go call 999! Please!" I beg through my eyes, rushing down with fury. At the corner of my eye, someone picks up the phone and called the emergency room. In less than 10 minutes, the ambulance had arrived and slowly placed her on the gurney. I was about to step enter the ambulance until, "Sorry sir we can't allow you to come. You must go to the hospital by car." I glare down at the lady, "She's my wife! I deserve to go with her! I'm not letting her soul depart from Earth and my arms!" The lady turns me down and little by little, the ambulance got smaller. My legs turn from a jog to a run knowing that Kayle life is at serious risk. 




Ring, ring, ring... Hello, you have reac- Goddammit Niall, pick up the phone. My fingers scroll down the contact list to find someone to tell to of what had happened to Kayle. It has been 30 minutes since the shooting and the image of her on the floor, drowning in her pool of blood was horrifying. Its like if the blood is the gate way to death. 70 mph... 80 mph... 90 mph... the amount of weight put on my pedal was getting heavier and heavier. My jaw line tightened, my eyes furrow on the road and I couldn't keep my eyes off of the time. Time was a thief. 


Louis' POV:


"Hey babe." My eye was glue to Eleanor movements as it came its way to where I was sitting. She hands me a cup of tea and smiles. "Hello. What's going on the news?" She snuggles up my arm and rest her head on my chest. My breath was steady and calm. 


"News report: There has been a shooting scene at the park at 4:30 P.M. 8 people have been killed and 10 injured. There were 2 people in black mask with a pistol gun, running around and shooting people for fun. Luckily they were caught and looking at their records, they have been to jail a few time for rape and robbery. Bless to all those families and friends of the victims who had died due to the shooting. Here are photos of the people who had been killed. You're in a better place now." Each slide showed people happy and laughing. All of them were so beautiful people. "Omg..." Eleanor whispers. "What?" She points at the T.V. and tears seem to peer out of her eyes. I turn around to see Kayle's picture on T.V.




"C'mon pick up Liam." The ringing noise kept going on replay and replay. I walk around the kitchen in frustration, ruffling through my hair. I look to see Eleanor crying and praying that Kayle isn't really dead and that it's all a lie. I do hope it is a lie. "Hello?" I heard a deep voice from the other side of the phone.


"LIAM. Did you saw the news?" 


"No, why?" His voice was deep in concern. 


"Kayle passed away." My voice crackles with something burning in my throat. The phone quickly went off. How will the kids react to this? I wonder if Harry knows about this too? Ring ring ring ... "Hello?" Harry's voice seem to be shaky. "Harry... did you saw the news today?" I didn't want to cry in front of Harry but knowing him since for a long time, I lost it.


"No? Why? What's wrong Louis? Talk to me."


"Kayle passed away..." I mumbled. All I can hear is the speed of the car on the other side of the phone and Eleanor crying in my arms. "No Louis. She's not dead yet but her life is at risk. Meet me at the hospital." The line went dead. The sound of good news filled me up. "Eleanor, babe, get ready. We're going to the hospital." 

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