Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


13. Chapter 13

I was panting hard for air. Everything was so dark, my eyes couldn't make out a thing. Feet's were shuffling, branches were crackling. There were deep footsteps running after me and heavy breathing from the unknown person. His voice was so deep, screaming for my name, "Kayle!!" I sense his presence was getting a lot closer to me. I couldn't run away as possible and each obstacle I pass, it made me even more slower. Tears were trickling down my cheeks because I knew I couldn't get away- I was going to die. "KAYLE!" This voice was different. It was deep, raspy and had a tone of worriedness. 


I woke up sweating and shaking with fear. "Kayle! What happened? Are you okay?" Harry leans down to my face and stare at me, very worried. "I- I don't know." He pulls me in for a warming hug. I could feel our body heat transferring. He strokes my hair and hums me a tune. "You had me really worried.." "I'm sorry.." I mutter. And from that moment on, we stayed like that for the rest of the morning. 




"Stay in bed, I'll make you some breakfast." Harry smiles and slowly push me off of him but I push him back down with all of my force, "No, I'll make breakfast. Or lunch." looking over at the clock that says, 12:15 P.M. I got out of bed, strolling across the room. I felt emerald orbs laid on me. "Quit staring." I heard a deep chuckle from the bed and sheets shuffling. "You're too beautiful to look away." Harry has his ways of making a girl blush deeply for days. 


I felt arms wrap around my hip and curls tickling my neck. "Whatcha making?" He snuggles up my neck and looks over my shoulder to see what I was making. "Bacon. Pancakes. Eggs. Sandwiches" Listing all of Harry's favorite brunch." I was slowly stirring the syrup until Harry's large hands took a hold of my small, fragile hands. "Don't do it too rough. Do it smoothly and slow." Our stirring pace was the same and felt the deep vibration of his voice as he hums the same tune over and over again. "There, it's perfect. I'll go set up the plates on the table." His grasp was released and he left to go set up the table. I stare at his movements from reaching far out to get the plates to leaning over to put the other plate across from the other. His biceps flexes from bringing in his arm and his back muscles popping out. I could see his V-line showing so clearly and firm with his strong abs. His curls flops up and down from moving and he focus on how the table should be set perfectly. His looks may change but he's still the Harry Styles I'll always love. 




Our fingers lock together as we stroll down the park. Lights flashes from the cameras now and then but that didn't ruin our little date. We laughed, teased, everything a couple would do on a cute little date at the park. "I wish our kids were here..." I mumble, looking down. "Yeah I wish too but they understand. I told them so they're okay. One day, I promise you, we'll go to a carnival together as a family." Something lit's up inside of me. "Really? Omg Harry you need to go check if there's a carnival near by!" I slap his stomach and laugh. "Ouch, for a tiny girl, you sure are strong." He rubs his stomach and smooth his pain out. 


We sat under a shady tree near the lake, accompany with couples on boats. He lays on my lap and talked nonstop about our future together. I couldn't help it but to stare at him, ignoring what he was saying. Ruffling through his hair and feeling the structure of his face. I could hear him talk all day and put it on replay. All of a sudden, a gunshot was made. Harry's body shot up immediately and quickly had his arms around me. "Harry, did you heard that?" Another gunshot was made. "Stay right behind me." He deeply growls and scan the park. We didn't see the source til we saw a little girl running with her little arms wrap around her mommy's hand. Suddenly, two figures with black clothing appears from the scenery.


Harry's POV:


"Run Kayle. RUN." We got up and quickly ran away from the dangerous men. Another shot noise was made but this one sound a lot closer to us than we expect it to be. Kayle's grasp loosens from my hands and I turn around to see Kayle on the floor, bleeding. "Harry...." she collapse in the puddle of blood.


Is this a dream or is this reality.

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