Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


12. Chapter 12

"What is all of this Harry?" I stood there confused. Does he not have rehearsals today? "Obviously I want to hang out with you." He held out his hand and drag me inside the yacht. What stood before my eyes was a huge picnic basket with all of my favorite foods, Harry's famous cupcakes, and one bottle of wine. I smile and walk across to pick up the wine. "Really? Wine?" Harry deeply chuckles, his dimple showing out so clearly. "Why not?" I slowly put down the wine and walk around the yacht, observing it as it was my first time being on it. Everything seems so cozy and home-warming. I walk into a huge room, probably the size of an apartment. What lies on the bed caught my attention, "Are those packed clothes? MY clothes?" I went over to unzip it and what reveal was actually my clothes. "Yeah, we're going to be away for 2 days. Just us. Me and you. Alone." He comes closer, wrapping his arms around my waist. He pulls me in, hearing his breathing clearly and his warmth. It feels good to be in his arms again. He bends over and rest his head on my shoulder. There we began to swing back and forth slowly. We stayed completely silent and not a single word crept out of our lips. Whether talking or not, nothing was awkward and we just appreciate that we're together. "I miss you." Harry whispers in his raspy voice. Those words rings in my ear. I felt my shirt slowly getting wet, going down on my shirt. I pull away quickly to see red, puffy eyes and red, pure lips. His sniffling nose and tear stains on his cheeks. "Harry, baby, why are you crying?" He looks at me with despair and slowly, more tears seems to pour out. "I... I don't know. I just. I miss you. A lot. I feel like I have done something bad that made us so distinctive. It all felt like last year at Paris all over again." I swallow the shallow memories in my throat and quickly forgot about it. "No no no no, don't ever mention about that. Even though you didn't treat me well, it made our relationship a lot stronger than we expect it to. Stop crying please Harry. Everything will be alright. I'll always stay by your side, don't worry about me leaving you because I guarantee I won't." I clasp his face in my small hands and plant a kiss on his lips. "C'mon, the wine is calling us. Let's go enjoy our moment together." A smile manage to appear on his face and quickly whip off the tears. Harry is my baby and I'll always be his baby.




We had our picnic while the sun was setting. We were in the middle of no where but everything was so peaceful. The sky was a mystery of colors. A mix of red, pink, white, and orange; all seem to blend together perfectly. The clouds were floating absentmindedly, creating funny shapes that me and Harry would point out. I felt like I was bathed in this setting, making everything so perfect. The sun was slowly sinking in the ocean and the moon was slowly becoming visible. "Before we happened, who did you like the most?" Harry asks and then taking a sip of his wine. I thought for a second and said, "Niall! Because he has a cute laugh and is so adorable!" Harry gaps with surprise, "Well then! I see how it is. Niall, your best friend over your fiance? Okay whatever." Harry tease and gave me "the hand". I laugh and said, "Hey! You said BEFORE we happened so HA!" I slightly push Harry making him all wobbly. "Okay who was your SECOND favorite?" I instantly said 'Liam'. Which offended Harry even more. "Fine, third one?" Giving up, I said his name and Harry jumps in glee. The sky was now darken and the stars seem to pop out more clearly, each one so visible. I laid in Harry arms as his arms were wrapped around me. "So what career do you want?" Harry mentions. Now, I haven't really thought of that. I was planning to be a baby doctor but I guess I completely forgot about that ever since I had Edward and Darcy and the tour. "I was planning to be a doctor but then I had the twins and the tour happened so I haven't really thought about it." I murmur and continued to fiddle with Harrys' fingers. "Really? I could hire you a tutor yah know or you can do it online?" Harry suggested which none of them are that bad. "Yeah, I'll consider that." Harry stands up and had his hand out. "Its time to go inside. It's getting cold." I gracefully took his hand and went in, leaving the picnic messy and lying in the cold night. 




"Go take a shower. I'll wait here." Harry demands and sat on the couch with his phone in his hands. "Um where's the bath-" "Its in our room." Harry said, still glue onto his phone.


Hot water runs through my body, steam swarming around me. It was a wonderful sensation. Having the water cleaning the sadness out too. After showering for what seems to be forever, I  dried myself up but problem is... I don't know where my clothes are at. I slowly peep outside to see no one there so I slowly slide outside and sneak over to my luggage. Just when I found my clothes, I heard a deep cough right behind me. "You know, I prefer those towels off of you." I turn around to see Harry smile smirkingly. "Very funny Styles." I roll my eyes and laugh. "I've seen you naked before. I'd like to see it again." He comes over and slowly tug my towel off. Just before it drops, I quickly stop him from doing so. "Maybe next time." I whisper because I knew how he'd react to this. I look up to see Harry pouting. His bottom lips sticking out and his emerald eyes widen. "Pleaaseeeee. You look stunning without your towel. Your body is perfect the way it is." He brushes my hair off of my shoulder and messaged it slowly. I was so lost into the relaxation that my towel was instantly off. "Harry!" He laughs and said, "Fine, I'll take my clothes off too and leave me with just my boxer." Giving up I reply, "Fine, but I'm putting my bra and panties on." His arms were wrap around me and lean on my forehead. He whispers quietly, "Hurry up okay?" I slowly nod and left his grasp.




We were officially half naked. In bed. But we're not doing what you guys think we're doing. It was 3 A.M. and everything seems so perfect. I was in his toned arms and his large hands place on my waist. We talk non-stop about deep stuff and our life. This is what I enjoy sharing the most with Harry; my fiance, my best friend. 

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