Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


10. Chapter 10

Harry's POV:


That voice. A spark of memories lit inside my head. Those big eyes, those white pearly teeth, that face structure. "C-Cher?" Her face expression brightens even more. "You remember! How are you Harry?" Cher comes, wrapping her arms around my head, pressing it against her breast. Suffocating, I pull away quickly. "Wow, you look completely different. Last time I saw you, we were in the X-Factor." I smile widely and look up to her, "Here, let me stroll Harry. Hi, I'm Cher. I heard so much about you. You're Harry's fiance?" I turn around to see Kayle smiling and nods, "Yeah I am. And thanks." She looks down at me and smiles, "I'll see you later Harry." And with that, she left.


Kayle's POV:


"Hey kids! Did you miss mommy?" I kneel down and gave each one a simple kiss on the cheek. I felt each of their tiny arms wrap around my neck and tiny kisses plant on both of my cheeks. "Ni Ni!" Grabbing both of my index fingers, they drag me into the bunkbeds compartments. There I saw Niall sitting on the floor. "Niall?" He looks up and smile but this time, it's a real smile. "Kayle! Welcome back. We missed your cooking." He immediately stood up and gave me a warming hug. "Is everything okay? Your smile is.. I don't know, real?" He looks at me with a surprising look, "Yeah 'course. Anyways I made you something!" He drags me into the kitchen and showed me a huge cake. But my attention was not on that. "Niall! Look at the mess you made!" I gasp in horror and ran towards the kitchen; MY PRECIOUS KITCHEN. "Kayle! That's not what I meant. LOOK. AT. THE. CAKE." With force, he accidentally push my head towards the cake. "Let me give you a kiss on the cheek Niall." I smile and took a huge grab of the cake, and ran after him. "NIALL. YOU COME BACK HERE."


Louis' POV:


"Hey, where did Cher and Harry went?" My head turning side to side and scan the area. "Don't know. Hope they come back soon. We made cake." My mouth open but no noise came out except the sound of Kayle's screaming, "NIALL. YOU COME BACK HERE." Wait, is that cake in her hand? OUR cake that we baked? "Liam, before you rampage, remember. We are here to welcome ou-" A sudden pow was made on my face. Something delicious. Cake. Whipping off the mess on my face, I saw Kayle standing with horror. "Whoops." was all she said. "Louis...?" Liam's voice shivers and knew what I was thinking. "Be. Right. Back."


Harry's POV:


".... There's this great museum at Paris. It's such a beautiful museum that you have to go to." I talked and talked and talked about my life to Cher ever since we left the X-Factor. "Seems like you're having a great life Harry. How are you and Kayle?" My heard thud rapidly and I felt my head was screaming for Kayle wishing she was here. "We're great. Really great. In fact, we're engaged. We haven't had our proper marriage. Even though we already have 2 kids... twins though." Her voice seems to brighten up, "Edward and Darcy? They are the cutest! I love them so much." I let out a deep chuckle and can't help but think about them. "Anyways, lets go back. I'm sure they are looking for us."




We came back to see the entire floor a mess. Cake pieces everywhere. People running around with a handful of cake. "What is going on here?" I ask. "I have no idea... but it sure looks fun." Cher smiles and start running towards them. "Wait! I want to join!" I call back, steering as fast as I can.


Kayle's POV:


I walk towards to an area where a fire was lighted up. I guess bonfire time? I happen to see Harry sitting on a log by himself, studying his phone. I smile widely and started walking towards him, "Hey Har-" My voice was interrupted by Cher's voice as she ran towards the log Harry was sitting and sat by him. Jealousy flickers inside of me and anger. "Everything alright?" Liam comes behind, holding a plate of graham crackers, hershey bars, and a bag of marshmallows. I nod silently and follow behind him. Then sitting by Niall who is strumming the guitar.


"Hey Niall."  


"Oh hey Kayle. Why aren't you sitting with Har...?" 


I point out my finger and not dare to look up. Niall voice trails off and stayed silent. After minutes of silence between us, he finally spoke up."They're best friends. Don't worry 'bout it. I don't think Cher will take Harry away from you." I didn't believe what he was saying but I tried to smile through the jealousy and the anger. 




We all sang, talked, and ate. Kids were sleeping so we tried our hardest to stay quiet. "Hey Harry! You still have a bit of icing on your face, let me get that for you." Now, you would imagine someone saying that and taking a napkin or a tissue to whip it off. But the unexpected happen; instead of getting a napkin, she kiss his cheeks softly and got rid of the icing. "Thanks." Harry smiles and deeply made a dimple formation. He blushes slightly and gave a piece of his s'mores to Cher. I felt something burning in my throat and the intention is go up to her and punch straight into her face. Throwing fists at her and grabbing her hair with full power. I stare at them with anger, my eyebrows furrowing. Niall notices my anger and pull me closer to him, "Don't do it Kayle." He whispers in my ear and continues to strum his guitar. 


This is the night that I want to forget. Very. Badly.



A/N: Hey guys! So I still need a babysitter for the twins and a new best friend for Kayle. No application sent yet or maybe never LOL. Oh well :c anyways I'll still check if I'll get any. So there's now competition between Cher and Kayle over Harry huh? Will they be friends, enemies, frenemies?


Comment, share, favorite, and like it. Thanks my lovelies. xx

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