dear diary

when clover is adopted by a hyperactive family she is not too sure how to take it, when she starts a diary to keep her sane, she doesn't need her family, she just wishes that everyone would leave her alone


4. shopping, clothes, shoes,diary

after we eat at the table mom gave me a bag with thousands of dollars in it

"go enjoy yourself today" she says looking at the three of us

"no, i am not going shopping" alex says and continues eating

"then its just us i guess" i say looking at cody, he smiles and pulls me upstairs to get ready

"wear something nice" i laugh and pull out my black one direction shirt, grab a pair of my new yellow skinny jeans and new black high tops, i look like a bumble bee, cody laughs when he sees me, i walk back in my room and change into a light purple v neck long sleeve shirt, he nods as i walk out of my room again

"better" he laughs, i slap him

"i didnt realize what i was wearing until you started laughing now stop it" he puts his arm around my shoulder as we walk towards the stairs, i grab my money off the table and my phone and we walk to the mall

"what are ya gonna get" he smiles and nudges my arm

"i don't know yet, i guess we'll find out wont we" i smile back at him as we approach the mall

"here we go" i laugh, he pushes me inside, its huge, i run into a candy store, he follows me laughing, i grab three huge bags and walk out, he wants to buy video games and i wanna buy a phone case, so we meet at the food court at noon, i check my phone and its nine thirty, lots of time to do stuff and get things, first thing i do is buy a violet i phone case with a black rose on it, a dark red one, a yellow diamond studded one, and one with one direction on it, next i go to get a new i pad, i pod, back up phone, and when i see a purple diamond decorated, painted(red yellow blue orange silver gold), diary, i run in to buy it, by the time im done i find little cart things that look like animals, i put ten dollars in for an hour to ride, i ride around til cody finds me with four huge bags on my arms, i see him and tell him to get on one

"those are for little kids" he laughs

"no, they are for anyone, i saw an adult on one earlier" he gives up and gets on one, he chases me around on it, we are acting like little kids, i miss being little, i think he does too, he looks as if he is having the time of his life, when my ride dies he offers me to ride his until it dies, i get on behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, he acts like we're going really fast and when it dies falls backwards like we've been hit, we both lye on the ground laughing

"you hungry" he asks still on the ground as i walk away

"yeah, you"

"yeah, help me up, i cant move" he holds out his arms like a baby, "mommy" he whimpers, i laugh and pull him to his feet, we walk to the food court and share what we got with each other

"so i got a diary, a back up phone, with the same number, it doesn't have the SD in it, i got an i pad, an i pod, the candy and four phone cases, this one is my favorite" i hold up my phone case with one direction on it, he rolls his eyes and shakes his head, i laugh

"so, i got" he reaches in his bag with his head up, "a, laptop, two actually, one for you, umm, an x box 360, ten games for it, a 3ds, a few games for that, and this" he holds out a box to me, i take it and open it, my eyes light up, its a beautiful diamond ring

"oh my gosh i love it" i hug him and put it on my middle finger, it fits perfectly, i look up and he is holding two tickets to the next one direction concert, he hands them to me and i hug him again, we eat lunch and head home, when i get up to my room i put my contacts into the extra phone and download every song i know onto the i pod touch, i download all kinds of apps on it and my i pad when i hear a knock at the door

"come in" my new mother walks sees what all i bought, she smiles, i smile too

"like your new things" i nod

"do you want the extra money back" she laughs, im confused, "no, that's your weekly allowance, i give the same thing to the other three too, little lizzy only gets a hundred" i laugh with her, she hugs me tight, i hug her back, when she pulls away and walk out i pull out my diary and fall asleep on it after i finish writing in it

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