dear diary

when clover is adopted by a hyperactive family she is not too sure how to take it, when she starts a diary to keep her sane, she doesn't need her family, she just wishes that everyone would leave her alone


5. seams so real

when i wake up im in a different world, its beautiful, flowers everywhere, kids playing, swimming at the beach, i look behind me to see a huge beach house with two big tour buses outside it, i walk up to the open door, i look inside to see cody and alex on the couch watching paranormal activity

"hey clover, come watch this" cody says waving me over, i laugh and sit down between them, they move closer to me and watch the movie

"this is creepy, how do people watch this" alex says after he jumped almost off the couch

"haha, they get used to it"

when the movie ends a sheet falls down from no where, right above us, and there is nothing above us but ceiling, i scream when i see a dark shadow right above my head, cody pulls me away from the couch as the shadow sinks into alex

"alex, are you ok" cody asks, he just sits there with his head down, cody walks over to him and taps him on the shoulder

"aaahhhh" cody yells when alex grabs his arm with incredible strength, i gasp and run over to help him, but alex grabs my neck and throws me into a wall

"clover" i hear cody yell in pain, "get out of here, run" alex grabs codys neck and picks him up off the ground slowly and holds him there

"alex let him go" i scream, alex looks at me with pitch black eyes, he drops cody on the table and walks over to me, he grabs my shoulder and picks me up

"aaahhhh" i scream in pain, cody runs over with a bat in his hand, he hits alex's back hard enough to make him drop me and fall to the ground

"cody" i hug him once he helps me up

"clover are you ok" he says grabbing my arms

"yeah im fine, what happens if alex gets up and that thing is still inside him" we both look at each other, then the thing flies out of alex and out the roof, cody runs over to alex, turns him over and his face is all bruised and bleeding, cody didnt do that, the ghost did, then alexs arm reaches out to me with a gun in his hand, he fires it too quick for me to react

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