dear diary

when clover is adopted by a hyperactive family she is not too sure how to take it, when she starts a diary to keep her sane, she doesn't need her family, she just wishes that everyone would leave her alone


2. new home

clovers POV


Cody wakes me up when we pull up at a big mansion, i fell asleep in his arms, i cant believe i did that, but he didn't seem to mind, i think he fell asleep too, he looks like he's still waking up, he looks down at me and smiles

"morning sunshine" he says with his adorable smile, his blonde hair a mess and his deep blue eyes magnificent, he helps me carry my bags in and up to my room, its huge, there are three separate rooms to it, my mouth drops, the walls are every shade of purple and There's a huge bed in the corner and i have my own refrigerator and microwave, my mouth drops and cody laughs at me, he puts my stuff next to the dresser, im still looking at all the stuff in the room, the other two rooms are a bathroom and a walk-in closet, i even have a disco ball, a high tech radio, and all the art supplies i could ever ask for, my mouth drops and cody walks over and closes my mouth and laughs as i slap him

"this is huge" i finally say walking over to the TV the size of a king size bed, i walk into the closet and my mouth drops again, i have twenty pairs of shoes, dozens of outfits, and boots, hats, accessories, i walk to the bathroom, i have a shower, a bathtub, bubble bath, and a full size mirror, when i walk into the main room cody has pulled out the dance floor with a remote, he starts dancing terribly on purpose, i can tell he is trying to impress me, he flashes his biceps, they are pretty big, it looks like he put a base ball in his arm, i laugh as he walk over to me and pulls me onto the dance floor, he kneels down on one knee and takes my hand

"would you have this dance" he laughs

"yes" i say cracking up, he stands up and he pulls me into a terrible slow dance, i cant stop laughing, when he lets me go i fall to the ground laughing, he grabs my arm and pulls me up to my feet, im still laughing when he picks me up and carries me to the closet and shuts the door on me, he blocks it with his body, and no matter how hard i push, he's not even trying

"ill let you out when you stop laughing and say you love me" he shouts on the other side of the door, i laugh a little, it takes all my might to stop laughing

"can you at least turn the light on" i say banging on the door

"no" he laughs back, "say you love me and you can see daylight again"


codys POV


  "please" clover laughs through the door, all im using to block the door is my foot , and she's pushing as hard as she can

"fine" i flip the switch

"thank you, i love you cody" she says laughing, i open the door for her and she is on the ground laughing

"stop laughing, you're gonna make me start laughing" i say lifting her head up with my shoe, she just laughs harder, "ill give you a reason to laugh if you don't stop" i almost yell, i start to laugh, so i pick her up bridal style and carry her to my room, i drop her on the bed and close the door and lock it, and put the key out of her reach

"hey, let me go unpack" she says and rolls off the bed, she stops laughing, so i thought she made herself pass out, so i kneel down next to her, roll her over and her eyes are wide open and her mouth is in a frown, i jump back and she starts laughing again

"don't do that again" i say picking her up and throw her on the bed again

"your face was priceless you should've seen it haha" she laughs as i jump next to her on the bed, she has the most adorable laugh i have ever heard, she has a childish laugh, like a babies, its so cute i love it... i love her


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